Parrot MiniDrones

Parrot MiniDrones

I must admit, drone technology are very cool, toys for big kids with an appetite for curiosity. The Minidrone Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo are the latest gadgets from Parrot Technologies.

Next generation of connected toys!

These products gives a taste of the full drone experience at the fraction of the price, and ultra-compact capable of flying both indoors and outdoors with great speed, agility and video camera.

These MiniDrone are designed to be piloted by using your smartphone or tablet via the free app FreeFlight 3. This free app is compatible for both Apple iOS and Android devices..

Test flight:

Parrot Rolling Spider: ultra-compact flying quad-copter that rips through the air, loops-the-loop and thanks to its removable wheels, rolls from floor to ceiling.

There are lots of mini-quadcopters, but the Spider has loads of sensors that makes it easy to pick and fly regardless of skill level. It is short lived with a five to eight minute flight time, low-resolution vertical camera taking stills from the bottom.

Stable flight and easy operation. The attachable wheels give the flexibility to drive it on the ground, up walls, all whilst protecting the propellers. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but not quite stealth enough with the buzzing sound of the propeller.

Assembling the Rolling Spider is relatively simple. It does take 90 minutes to charge using the Micro USB cable, wait for the LED lights to turn green and you’re ready for take off.

The whole process is pretty simple. Turn on your Spider, activate your Bluetooth and open up the app. It should automatically sync. Tap the Take Off button and stand back, the propellers starts to whirl and shoots straight up and starts to hover.

There are two modes of flying, Normal and Ace. The default, Normal, has the joystick on the right and lets you raise and lower the Spider as well as rotate it left and right. The Ace mode puts all the control to a one-finger operation to control the drone and has the ability to perform 90 and 180 degree turns.

Parrot Jumping Sumo: a responsive robot with a strong personality which rolls, zigzags, circles, takes 90’ turns and jumps up to 80cm in height and length.

The Jumping Sumo has a low streaming wide-angle video, a ground-level look as it zooms around and jumps at your command. Similar to the Spider, stealth is not its key. As it does make beeping sounds when you set itself for launching and spring to about 8ocms high.

Connects through Wi-Fi, using the same FreeFlight app I used for the Spider. Once connected you will view the live streaming and the control pad. Slide the virtual sick on the left forward and back to accelerate, tilt your smart phone to turn and on the other end of the pad to perform 90 and 180 degrees maneuvers.

You can drive the Sumo indoors and take it outdoors, the tires are spongy enough but I would go off-the-beaten track.

The Sumo has a few other tricks up its sleeve with spin jumps and swerve. Unlike the Spider, you can to enjoy the drive for about 20 minutes. It still has a single 90-minute charge.

Great entertainment without breaking the bank and for the novice pilot. If you are wanting high-quality photography or better surveillance, I recommend you take a look at Parrots other devices.

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