Paco Loves Luna Q&A

with Lauren Vickers

Paco Loves Luna
Paco Loves Luna

I was lucky enough to catch up with the unstoppable, hard working and ever so lovely Lauren Vickers this Christmas break. We got chatting about her gorgeous new brand Paco Loves Luna, what health and fitness means to her and some top tips on how to work towards your health goals this new year.

R: So let’s get straight to it! You recently launched your activewear brand Paco Loves Luna, what made you decide to start PLL up?
L: A big part of my career has been both owed to and within health and fitness. I want to be strong when I’m older so I really embrace a healthy lifestyle as what I live and breathe. I love it and I have a big obsession with activewear – I have a whole cupboard full of it! There were a lot of great brands I worked with when I lived overseas and I hadn’t seen them out here in Australia so decided to start stocking some. This has been on the back burner for a long time so I finally just took the plunge and launched it. I’ve brought in one collection that’s eco-friendly, and I’ve got another collection dropping this week for more high impact cardio based activities. I’ll have a maternity and a plus size collection launching in the early new year as well. A bit scary but it’s very exciting!

R: So Flow is the first collection and it’s eco-friendly which I think is amazing, could you tell us a little about it?
L: The Flow collection is so soft to touch it’s beautiful. It’s really cool and light and sort of feels like a second skin, it’s really really nice. It’s more for yoga, Pilates, Barr, you can wear it for stand up paddling because it dries quickly and all these water sports. If you want a little more coverage than say a bikini bottom you can wear the shorts.

I actually have a pair of the tights from this brand that I’ve washed and worn to death and they’re still in really good shape! They’re the perfect length for me and they’ve still got all their colour and pattern. They haven’t stretched so [I know] they’re really great quality and I love their whole ethos as a company that they’re eco-friendly and they do really cool prints.

R: As somebody who has years of experience in the fashion industry, is sustainability the way you think fashion should be going?
L: I think it has a massive impact on the planet, I do try to embrace eco-friendly things where I can. I think it’s a great fit for the whole health and wellbeing lifestyle as well – they just go in conjunction with each other.

R: And you have immediate plans for your next drop, the Flex collection?
L: The flex collection is a bit sturdier [than Flow] so it holds you in a bit more, you can use it for anything from weights to cardio based activities as well.

R: This might be like asking you to pick a favourite child, but do you have a favourite design within any of the collections?
L: Oh that’s so hard! I have a lot of favourites because I wear them all in high rotation myself depending on what activity I’m doing during the week. I do love the star print [pieces] from the flow collection, they’re really beautiful, I just love that pattern. You can wear them to brunch, I get people that stop me all the time asking about them.

Then there’s also the ‘chill’ part of that collection. We have these shorts that are so comfortable, they’re a cotton twill short that are beautiful. They’re so soft and really easy to lounge around in when you just want to have one of those lazy days. There’s also the chill tank that’s got a really low scooped back and that’s so nice to wear around the house as well, especially in this weather it’s nice and cool!

R: You’re a woman of many skills and talents, and amongst them, I know you’re a qualified personal trainer. A large number of our readership is women and I think will be as interested as I am, can I ask what kind of workouts you favour?
L: I like to do a lot of different things because I know myself and I fully accept that I get bored very easily! I like to shake it up a little bit. I do weights and resistance based workouts. It seems a little bit intimidating at first but you just start light and gradually progress to heavier [weights] as you learn the movements and the techniques. I really love it because women especially later in their lives are experiencing problems with osteoporosis, and bone density comes from lifting heavy weights. I also love to balance out my resistance workouts with things like yoga and pilates that work all those stabiliser muscles and your core to keep everything protected and in alignment, I think that’s so important.

R: Do you have any advice for people who may be wanting to start working out or working towards a fitness or health goal in the new year?
L: It’s the perfect time to start setting some goals! I think you have to be rather specific with your goal, whether its to lose a certain amount of weight or to increase to maybe doing five pull ups or 20 push ups or something like that. Even if it sounds a little bit crazy, set something really specific and then you sort of work backwards. So you figure out the step down from that and the step down from that and the step down from that and it gives you an action plan to follow. I find it really helpful when I’m tackling a task that seems a bit daunting. To work backwards so that I have those little baby steps along the way. If you write them down then when you look back and you see what you’ve achieved it really gives you a bit of a boost and extra motivation to keep going and to look how far you’ve come already. I think that’s a great way to do it.

R: And what’s on the cards for Lauren Vickers this year? You completed a 14k charity run in 2017, do you have another sporting challenge set?
L: I’d love to get really good at yoga. I feel like a bit of a newbie in the class compared to some of the people that go to my yoga studio. I think it’s incredible for keeping your mobility as you get older which is a really tricky thing for some people. It’s also a really beautiful practice. It centres you and calms you down and forces you to breathe properly which most people don’t do. I know I don’t when I’m stressed – I forget to breathe properly! It makes a big difference tackling a task, if you take three big deep breaths it can change everything.

You can check out more from Lauren’s activewear and selection at

Paco Loves Luna
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