Oscar Wylee x Furry Little Peach

Oscar Wylee x Furry Little Peach
Oscar Wylee x Furry Little Peach

Oscar Wylee is an Australian fashion brand specialising in affordable, quality eyewear. Recently, Oscar Wylee has partnered with Sydney-based illustrator Sha’an d’Anthes, also known as Furry Little Peach, to bring their fans a range of limited edition accessories and artworks. Launching September 2, this creative partnership marries d’Anthes’s distinctive style – including a vector artwork tote bag, watercolour illustrated lens cloth cleaner, line drawing frame box, and three stand alone illustrations—are complimentary with every in-store and online purchase.

At the young age of 23, illustrator Sha’an d’Anthes has built a strong reputation and global following, with her work being sold and exhibited domestically and internationally. Growing up in the digital age, d’Anthes creatively tells her story through social media. At the launch evening, three distinct artworks reflected a vibrant and whimsical style. Motifs of Australian flora are scattered throughout the showroom and are used in the series to celebrate Oscar Wylee’s proud Australian roots.

Sha’an mentioned “I had a blast working alongside Oscar Wylee to build a campaign that was fresh, romantic, creative and art-oriented. It was great working with a brand that allowed me the creative liberty to celebrate their product in my style.”

Each artwork across the walls were centred around one female protagonist. In the first illustration, she is creative and carefree. The second depicts a romance and being caressed by a man, her physical positioning expresses her individualism and independence. The third artwork illustrates the professional, career orientated woman who radiates confidence and charisma (coffee and mobile)

In the campaign we see her as The Creative, The Romantic, and The Professional, all of which are inspired by the Oscar Wylee customer. I resonate the brand with men and women who sheds light to creativity, imagination and confidence. Much like the people.. no the friends I have met in my creative journey.

All images courtesy of Alex Evans, Instagram @woeuf, www.alevans.com.au

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