Reach for the Stars at The Observatory Bar. Zodiac Gin collection.

Observatory Bar
? Observatory Bar

The team at Observatory Bar has launched a new menu of twelve Gin & Tonic’s, each representing a star sign of the Zodiac. No, they are not here to unravel your horoscopes, but they can help predict your future bevoir.

Hosting the evening, the Observatory Bar twin bartenders, Steven and Edward Bailey, were proud to showcase each G&T, designed to represent the characteristics and personality traits of its sign.

For a passionate, fiery Aries, there’s Mezcal Gin with chilli. For the nostalgic and sentimental Cancerian, enjoy the Four Pillars Barrel-Aged Chardonnay Gin with dried orange. The G&T for the tough-minded and sometimes secretive Scorpio is Ironbark 313 Wattleseed Dry Gin with orange and coffee beans.

This is all well and truly delightful, but what about the Librans (yes, I’m a balanced soul). People born under the sign of Libra are peaceful, fair, and they hate being alone. We are cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded and social. We need to be enriched by music, art, and beautiful places and things.

The Observatory team confirms we love all things pretty, and the Manly Spirits Lilly Pilly Pink Gin with flowers and frozen raspberries is our special treat.

Eric Lo, Food & Beverage Manager of The Langham, Sydney says, “Gin & Tonics are still trending and hugely popular but they can become repetitive and lack excitement. We wanted to elevate the G&T experience and give our guests something a little extra. With a nod to Sydney’s Observatory across the road and our very own name, what better way to liven up our G&T menu, than with The Zodiac Gin Collection. We hope that everyone enjoys them as much as we have, putting the menu together.”

The night continues and we were treated to the long-awaited Langham Signature cocktail – The Pink Rose. Could this be the enchanted rose cocktail that could make dreams come true? If I had a date, look out romance.

Taking inspiration from this subtle aroma, The Langham Lady Thatcher pink roses and the traditional Victorian elegance, Observatory bartender Kenneth Wong carefully crafts the cocktail with Gin, Rose and Ginger Beer.

With new cocktails on offer, it is only fitting the Observatory Bar continues to offer a new delicious menu of creative dishes that complement the drinks list. Choose meaty bar snacks such as Angus beef short ribs, chicken katsu sliders or enjoy a selection of cured and smoked meats. Sweet paprika churros or the salted caramel & apple cinnamon cheesecake will satisfy those with a sweet tooth or keep it simple with a two, three or four cheese board.

The Observatory Bar continues to be creative and elevates the bar food and beverages out of the ordinary and into the gourmet. One could say, its the source of induldgent, in Sydney’s CBD.

Observatory Bar
89-113 Kent St, Millers Point NSW 2000, Australia
+61 2 8248 5220 |


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