Nick & Femi: Uncovered Podcast Launch

Nick and Femi

Following Nick & Femi’s appearance on 2019’s The Amazing Race, the boys have decided that their next project will tackle something a little closer to home: mental health. With both having a background as psychiatric nurses, the pair have had a wide array of experiences that have affected them deeply and spurred their passion in this area.

Nick & Femi’s answer to this prevalent issue with the launch of a new podcast, ‘UNCOVERED’. Aiming to raise awareness of the many issues that plague modern mental health, as well as offering some practical methods to talk to your friends about the kind of issues that might be affecting them. They are joined by Mel Grieg, the original winner of The Amazing Race, and Richard Reid, Australia’s most renowned Hollywood reporter. They all have their own poignant experiences to share, with Richard Reid especially open about his time as a young gay man in the entertainment industry.

Speaking with Nick & Femi, they tell us that they’ve been planning this podcast for the last six months or so – learning the industry from the ground up, including all the technical information that they’ve never had to consider before. For them, it’s a labour of love – they’ve thrown themselves wholly into this project and have the roadmap for its future all planned out.

They offer a little piece of advice to us, when we ask them about the best ways to broach the touchy subject with our friends and family – ‘Validate, Empathize, Ask Why’. It’s important to have a baseline for your friends, of where they’re at in general terms, and to be able to pay attention and realise when they might be having some issues. From there, it’s their tried-and-tested way to be straight up and honest – validate your friends’ position by letting them know that it’s absolutely normal to be struggling with these things that are getting them down, be it work, family, friends, relationships – the list for emotional stressors is endless, Nick tells us, but people often find themselves second-guessing their own emotions.

Nick & Femi have more wisdom and experiences to share, so check out their UNCOVERED podcast, available on AppleSpotify and YouTube. – it’s live now!