How to get the perfect Easter lamb roast from Nelly Robinson of nel


Nothing brings people together at Easter like a lamb roast – it’s the perfect dish for celebrating with family and friends, so it’s a great opportunity to treat your guests by bringing something special to the table. That’s why We Love Our Lamb has teamed up with Nelly Robinson of nel. to bring you a delicious lamb roast recipe.  Nelly has taken a modern twist on the traditional Easter lamb his version is a delicious 4-hour lamb shoulder with mint, pumpkin, chargrilled broccolini and a black sesame yoghurt.

I had a chat quick with Nelly to tell us about how to get the most out of your lamb this Easter and the diversity of this meat.

What is your favourite ingredient to work with and why?

You can’t go wrong with a good piece of lamb shoulder. When done right, it just falls off the bone and melts in the mouth. Add mint, vinegar and dressing to bring out the flavour – beautiful!

Is there a particular cut of lamb you recommend that we should be using this Easter?

Lamb shoulder is the only way to go. When done right it’s amazing.

What should we look for when asking for lamb at the butcher? Any tips?

Fresh is key. Always ask your butcher for the freshest cuts they have. Also, a nice big fat piece of meat on the bone is the best. You’ll need to cook it for longer but it’s well worth it.

Can you give us some examples of some easy dishes you can create with lamb that even the not-so-skilled cook can accomplish at home?

My lamb shoulder recipe is easy but for something quick, grilled lamb curry and grilled lamb and hummus with Lebanese bread.

Are there any tips you can give on how to get the most out of your lamb this Easter? How could we repurpose leftovers?

Who ever has leftover Lamb? Anything I have for leftovers always goes into a sandwich. I’d stuff a baguette with lamb and a big dollop of harissa mayonnaise.

How will you be spending your Easter and what dishes will you be having to celebrate?

I celebrate Easter by taking advantage of the extra day off. I’ll just eat and chill out with my missus. We always have something special – a classic lamb roast is perfect for sharing – and we’ll finish off with a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate egg and a Creme Egg (of course!).

Written by Sernea Moran, Born and raised in in a small town in Ireland before moving to Dublin to pursue a career in advertising. Serena is an avid book worm, filmbuff and lover of all things things travel, design and dessert related. Seeks out adventure where ever she can find it and loves a good pina colada.

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