Natti Miller Exhibition Launch

Natti Miller

Photography,the arts and to be creative is an expression of oneself. No matter your background, its how you interpret the art to create your story. The one person whom I knew that would appreciate creative expression is Anthony Van Lam. A fashion designer in ballroom, dance, streetwear and an expressive artist.

An exclusive invitation to the launch of Nathan ‘Natti’ Miller at the SOHO Galleries in Sydney. “Somewhere in Jaffa” as part of Sydney’s Head On photo festival, in its first ever photography exhibition at the Iconic gallery.

The series captures the people, places and contemporary environment of the vibrant Israeli region of Jaffa. By capturing Jaffa’s cultural diversity, “Somewhere in Jaffa” challenges preconceptions of the lives of the Arabic and Jewish people living in a peaceful coexistence in Israel.

What was about this city? Jaffa also called Japho, is the southern oldest part of Tel Aviv. Jaffa is famous for its association with the biblical stories of Noah.

“For me ‘Somewhere in Jaffa’ depicts the genuine vibrant spirit of Jaffa and its visually captivating environment and atmosphere. With Jaffa containing such a diverse range of people, all with their own religious beliefs including people practicing Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I hope to illustrate the rhythms of daily life from these unique perspectives” Nathan Millers says.

This is one of many projects Natti has done. This particular series was to create a vision of peace. A place where his archives could be studied and read, where Jew Christian and Arab lived in harmony and peace.

An interest in photography lies in the visual storytelling of people and places, especially capturing moments and certain realities that are not often seen by others.

Natti’s photographs are truly moving and express the delicate daily texture of life in Jaffa. He explores peoples lives in this is exhibition and for us to close our eyes as we were just there.

I was thrilled to have met Natti Milller and to take home a unique moment where Somewhere in Jaffa about cultural identity and the beauty I saw in each of this photographs.

Nathan Miller
Somewhere in Jaffa Exhibition: 9 May – 5 June 2015

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