Unplugged: Love Drunk Hearts newest release, Undertow.

Love Drunk Hearts
? Love Drunk Hearts

Local Sydney band, Love Drunk Hearts are what I feel is a kind of indie-rock band but stretches into something far more exciting.

To kick things off, tell me a little more about the band?
There was a warehouse in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches which was a bit of a hub for a lot of musicians and bands. It was like an artwork in itself. Some features included an Elvis picture on the wall and a bike hanging from the ceiling. Benny Bryant (Bass) had auditioned Chris Falkland (Lead Guitar) to play in his old band Bec and Ben and invited Chris along to a party at the warehouse. Aaron was there with some pretty raw and undefined songs and hit it off with Chris over ‘Rock The Casbah’. Michael Brown (Drums) had also played with Benny in his old band so we asked if he wanted to jump on board. It clicked.

What was it like when Triple J Unearthed played your first song?
A breakthrough! We are all very proud of ‘Let It Flow’ and it’s still one of our best songs. Although we weren’t lucky enough to hear it on live on air it was a pivotal moment seeing it on the playlist. Felt like we were good enough at that stage. Aaron recorded a 30 second voice memo about the song which they played on air also. That was new ground again but his well-practiced for the next one!

Having released the singles “Let It Flow”, “Park The Cars” and “Those Boys” over the last year with support from Triple J Unearthed and FBi Radio, Love Drunk Hearts have quickly built up a strong local following due to their polished and passionate live show an emphasis on refined, quality songwriting.

‘Those Boys’ – The song is an anthem for anyone who has been a spectator from the friend zone. Where it’s easier to fall in love and only to be left stranded for the allure of someone else

‘Let It Flow’ – This is a great intro to the band and a comforting companion for summer.  It’s about relinquishing the notion of having control over everything and accepting that you have to adapt to changes.

This approach has taken another step forward with their latest offering “Undertow”.  In this song, the band provides a lush and almost hypnotic groove for frontman Aaron, to explore and question what lies just beneath the surface of our personas in society.

‘Undertow’ – what influenced the sounds and song writing?
Aaron the lead singer had gone down a rabbit hole of Noel Gallagher songs post Oasis. Amazing instrumentation/arrangements and simple but effective melodies. This influenced the vocal melody quite a lot. Lyrically it explores our deeper selves (no pun intended) and what lies just below our personas in society. Early on in our song writing we had a bit more punk in our playing; this changed after working with Oscar Dawson of HOLY HOLY on the previous tracks ‘Those Boys’ and ‘Park The Cars’. ‘Undertow’ definitely feels like a continuation of this work. Benny Bryant who plays bass is our in-house producer and we also work with a great guy called Ian Walsh of the Walsh Brothers. Together they always get the best out of the songs and add that extra 1-2%.

Love Drunk Hearts will be announcing their 2021 tour – hopefully, we will get to see them live or via live stream.

Congrats Guys!