MOovment on Core Fitness

Are you looking for the latest fitness trend to get in shape for summer?  This year is all about change and the Oov might be the answer.  An Australian made and owned core activation training device released by Oov Pty Ltd, a conceptual business based in Sydney, designed and founded by Daniel Vladeta.

Today, I got the chance the experience the MOovment, demonstrated by Bondi Rescue star, Anthony “Harries” Carroll and famous pilates instructor Tom Roman – specialist in functional movement training.  Like many of us, we all like to strive to have a better if not fit body, eat and keep healthy and strengthen our core muscles (aka – where are my abs?).

Used by the likes of the AIS, Bondi Rescue lifesavers, elite swimmers like James Magnusson and many other professional athletes including golfers and tennis professionals, the Oov has exploded in both Australia and overseas as a new development from the foam roller. The exercise, rehabilitation and motor control device is made from highly durable, eco-friendly foam and has three curves to complement the natural curvature of the spine.

“The Oov has changed how we train, view and treat the spine. It has allowed for more efficient use of our bodies by activating our core stabilising muscles, strengthening and building their endurance, hence helping to prevent injuries,” says Daniel Vladeta, CEO and Founder of Oov.

The Oov has become widespread throughout Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Middle East in health and fitness industries such as pilates, physiotherapy, chiropractics, fitness, massage therapy and stress relief.

“The Oov is designed to strengthen the user’s core while also gently extending the spine. The three curves in the device allow the user to balance in an optimum position helping to achieve neutral spine. Through balance training on the Oov, the user is required to stabilize their trunk through the activation of their core and then learn to control movement of the rest of their body,” says Vladeta.

5-10mins into the exercise – whilst trying to balance myself on the Oov.  I can feel my abs working, but more importantly my spine felt like it was in a neutral position and my neck was support.  This is great when I got up, I felt tall and didn’t have a sore neck.  We often neglect our back and neck due to sitting at the desk all day and hunching forward typing on the laptop or computer.

A Movement Program, with simple and personalised exercise routines, is available from the current Oov app (available in both Apple and Android). Catering for more active users is the launch of the new Core Fit program app. This features advanced balance and core activating exercises and has been released in collaboration with Bondi Rescue’s Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll.

“The Oov is not only used for spine-related conditions. It has become a vital tool that is incorporated in everyday training and is used in conjunction with Pilates equipment, strength training, and other balance training devices such as BOSU” says Vladeta.

The Oov can be purchased in three different sizes price is $170.


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