Mix it up a little, with Mishka Mixed Vodka.

Mishka vodka
? Mishka vodka

Popular pre-mixed vodka drinks brand, Mishka is celebrating a whole new era of vibrant, fun and quirky packaging which comes with a brand new meaning too. It’s the same fun-loving premix drinks that now come in 330ml slender cans. The brand takes on a complete overhaul of its look from glass bottles to vibrant and striking cans, which will also be available in the ‘Mix it up a little’ variety pack launching April 18th.

The new mixed pack of 10 contains two of each Mishka flavour. The five well-known flavours now come in their unique showstopping coloured cans. Importantly, the move to cans is an effort to be more environmentally friendly as cans are made up of approximately 60% recycled aluminium and are 100% recyclable. (Orora  Beverage 2023).

The five punchy flavours offer a range that covers both sweet and sour flavours.

  • Lemon Lime & Bitters: An Australian classic, the Lemon Lime & Bitters has a fresh citrus flavour with a dash of bitters that is perfect when poured over ice or chilled.
  • Zingy Zesty Lemon: A popular mix among Gen Z bursting with lemon and citrus aromas, the subtle hint of vodka with the tart citrus tang of lemon and a sweet lemon-peel nuance on the palate is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Sweet Raspberry Mango: A drink that will serve your sweet tooth with the sweet and tart raspberry combined with subtle luscious tropical mango and a hint of vodka for a fruit hit in a can.
  • Watermelon Guava: A Mishka showstopper, not just in flavour but in its pink presence. This sparkling pink drink with a slight haze is packed with juicy fruit watermelon aromas and flavours with a subtle guava back note and a hint of vodka.
  • Tropical Pineapple Lime: This flavour combination is refreshing, sweet, tangy and quenching. Think sweet pineapple, fresh lime and a hint of vodka. Mishka cans are best served chilled or over ice!

This dramatic brand refresh is now rolling out across the country with the all new mixed pack landing in stores later this month. The announcement of Mishka’s brand refresh and new brand platform, ’Mix it up a little’, lends itself to the changing and ever-fluid cultural landscape of youth culture today. Mishka represents all colours of life celebrating confidence, self-expression and positivity among human interaction.

The new Mishka mixed 10-pack will retail across Dan Murphy’s and BWS nationwide.