Menulog Movie Marathon Jeff Goldblum style


Movie marathons is the ultimate sign of fan devotion and Sydney-siders are in for a treat, with six-hours of back to back Goldblum at the Menulog Movie Marathon

A Goldblum-A-Thon, fans will be treated to the new Thor: Ragnarok, as well as Jeff classics, Jurassic Park and The Fly, hosted at HOYTS Broadway. 

As Australia’s largest online delivery platform, no Menulog Movie Marathon would be complete without a delicious variety of food delivered to guests as they watch the Gold-blum Ages of cinema play out on the big screen. 

Limited tickets are available and include all three films, popcorn, a pizza and a ChocTop. Tickets are now available at 

Earlier this year, Jeff Goldblum made his Australian TV debut, featuring Menulog’s ‘Less Talk, More Eat’ campaign. A known foodie, Jeff kicked things off by taking over a local food truck to get some experience in food delivery, ahead of his role that aimed to encourage Aussies spend less time ordering their food over the phone and more time enjoying the huge range of foods that can be ordered by the tap of an app through Menulog. 

When is it?
Wednesday 25 October 2017
5:15pm arrival for a 5.45pm start until 12:00am
HOYTS Broadway, Broadway Shopping Centre, Level 2, Cnr Greek & Bay St, Broadway NSW 
TICKETS: limited to 130 seats so get in quick! @menulog @menulog

Menulog Movie Marathon

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