Maserati and La Martina launch #PoloStories

Ebe Sievwright wearing the 24k Gold Dubai Polo

The Maserati and La Martina global digital storytelling project designed to celebrate both the elegance and tradition of the game of Polo and the luxury of cars has kicked-off with the official hashtag #PoloStories.

Representing a real global initiative that follows the Maserati Polo Tour 2016 in each of its legs, but not only aiming as well to tell all of what’s behind the Game of Kings. The project will showcase a series of videos devoted to exploring the origins, backgrounds and intrinsic links that bind La Martina and the “Game of Kings” to the very heart of Maserati.  Elegance, finesse and style, together with strength, speed and competition are just some of the features racing and riding have in common.  Maserati has built a special relationship with a game that is based on the finest attention to detail, the pursuit of excellence and the continuous and dynamic equilibrium between grace and power.

The partnership between the two brands came naturally; La Martina and Maserati being two realities that share the same roots and the same values: a burning passion for sports and performance excellence.

Maserati has always had close links with the game of polo. The House of the Trident features yet again on the world’s most prestigious polo playing fields of the Maserati Polo Tour, when Maserati partners with La Martina, the official supplier to the Maserati Teams. With this year’s “Polo Stories” initiative, Maserati is taking this connection to a whole new level.

The two historic brands aim to tell the story of their special partnership and share it through their social networks, showcasing to the world this dedicated editorial project.

This inspirational collaboration began with the Dubai Polo Challenge on April 8th and will continue with the upcoming legs of the tournament in London, Soto Grande and Santa Barbara.

This video series will follow the Maserati Polo Tour closely and will tell a different story at each stage of the World Tour, revealing a fresh aspect of the subtle fil-rouge that connects horses and horse-power. The visual experience will be accompanied by the voices of top polo players and La Martina ambassadors who, step by step, shot by shot, mile by mile, fuel their profession each and every day with endless passion inching ever closer towards perfection.

The idea is to consider each leg as a movie set and each are associated to a given theme. In each episode the Ambassadors, chosen amongst the most renowned in the Polo scene, will unveil one of the limited edition polo shirts created by La Martina for Maserati, with only 300 pieces available to celebrate each leg of the Maserati Polo Tour.

Each location and every tournament have their own history and their own values to express. This digital project has been inspired by these very same principles, which put together, depicts a global picture of what Polo represents: passion, hard work and dedication.

However, there’s far more to the sport than what happens on the polo field; just take a look at what happens off the field. Polo brings together the athletes who work hard and respect the rules of fair play by providing a stage for networking opportunities, as well as social and professional connections.

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