Maybe Sammy’s Martin Hudák to release his first cocktail book, Spiritual Coffee.

Martin Hudak | Spiritual Coffee Book
? Martin Hudak | Spiritual Coffee Book

Martin Hudák, one of the world’s best-known bartenders and co-founder of Sydney venues Maybe Sammy and Sammy Junior, is releasing his first cocktail book, Spiritual Coffee, all about coffee cocktails.

Charting from the discovery of the coffee bean through to the first combination of spirit and caffeine, to modern day recipes and crystal ball-gazing into the future of coffee cocktails, Martin has pulled together a wealth of information, history, story telling and drinks to definitively give the world a complete account of coffee cocktails.

Martin, who won the World Coffee & Cocktail Championship in 2017 and runs his own boutique and eco-friendly coffee roasting company, brings a fresh look at the world of spirits and caffeine in his book by placing enormous emphasis on the quality and style of beans and roasts used in mixed drinks.

After examining the history and origins of all the best-known coffee cocktails – from the Irish Coffee to the Espresso Martini and White Russian – the book features both classic recipes and modern interpretations from the world’s best bartenders including Erik Lorincz (London), Aiden Bowie (New York), Darren Leaney (Melbourne), Agung Prabowo (Hong Kong), Moe Aljaff (Barcelona) and Remy Savage (London / Paris) as well as Martin’s own recipes.

Spiritual Coffee was designed by Tess Hayley from Salt and Kin Creative Agency and photography was by Daniele Massacci. Additional work on the book has been done by drinks journalist Jane Ryan, who was editor, and it will be printed by Oli Dzupinkova & Peter Suchtar, Martin’s close friends in Slovakia.

AUD $1 from each book sale will be donated to the Mata&Morro foundation based in Brazil, specifically Parque Estadual da Serra do Brigadeiro, where funding is sorely needed to combat deforestation and tree-planting. Martin chose this cause after being lucky enough to visit and meet the family leading this charge, as well as trying their coffee grown here.

Martin chose this cause after being lucky enough to visit, sample the coffee grown here and meet the family leading this charge, thanks to 3Brothers Coffee who have a fantastic relationship with the producers there.

To support Martin and the release of his first cocktail book, Spiritual Coffee click here to help fund his launch.