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Paul Donnelly – Head Chef at Merivale Ms G’s – took some time to have a quick chat with me about the fast approaching March Into Merivale Food and Wine Festival. Merivale Launch Party Wed 10 February (tickets on sale now). Chef’s tongue-and-cheek discusses the festival’s launch party, the ‘Guilty Pleasures‘ theme and what we can expect this year.

Chef Paul Donnelly

Chef Paul Donnelly

Hailing from Glasgow, where does the Asian Fusion food come into fruition? When was your breaking point in discovering this style?

The penny really dropped for me when I was just sick of churning out the same thing every other fine dining joint in Glasgow was doing. An old “Japanese flame” also played a big part in my passion for Japanese food.

This year’s theme being “Guilty Pleasures”, what’s your guilty pleasure?

I love just sitting butt ass naked on my couch watching food shows, movies with snacks, noodles, Haribo gummies.

What’s your twisted take for this year’s March into Merivale launch party?

I am doing cheeseburger spring rolls and juicy fried sambal chicken.

How long have been Head Chef for Ms G’s. What has the experience been like?

I’ve been head chef for over two years now but joined 2 months after MsGs was introduced to the world. I can honestly say it’s the most exciting place I’ve worked, we can bend the rules (when it comes to food) and the people just get it, they know that when they come every dish is packed with flavour to the max.

What are you top 5 picks for this year’s event – besides the launch party on Wednesday?

Tell us something not many people know about you!

I have massive case of OCD, I can’t sleep at night if I know there’s a dirty glass or a bowl in my sink that’s not cleaned or in the dishwasher, I have to squeegee my whole bathroom after I take a shower coz I don’t like to see the water streaks on the tiles!

Can’t decided on which event to attend. Stuff it – go hungry and go wild -> *insert raised hands emoji*. We all love to try a bit of everything and if not, you’ve been living under a rock, March into Merivale is awesome festival and with Chef Donnelly’s creative ideas – food will never boring again!

March into Merivale 2016 – Guilty Pleasures
14 February – 20 March
Tickets on Sale Now!
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