Manifest Sydney – Men’s Health Symposium

Manifest Sydney

This month sees Australia’s first ‘Manifest’ event, which started in LA. This gathering will bring together some of the brightest minds across industries to tackle the world’s most critical challenges as it pertains to the mental and emotional wellbeing of men. Over the course of the weekend MENTour will foster lively debates and generate rich networking opportunities, while showcasing the latest innovations and solutions that support men in healing their pasts and creating their future. The Symposium will offer attendees an opportunity to be educated on cutting-edge technologies and stratagems that aid and assist men both personally and professionally.

MENTour is the first organisation of it’s kind that’s actually creating workshops and courses to really help arm men with the tools they need to deal with depression and anxiety.

The Symposium will offer attendees an opportunity to be educated on cutting-edge technologies and stratagems that aid and assist men both personally and professionally.

Manifest believes that it is only through a collaborative forum that we are able to materialize sustainable solutions and raise the emotional literacy of men across the Globe. What makes this Ultimate is our commitment to ensuring participants leave this weekend having forged new alliances and have clear and actionable next steps.

Saturday Session | 8am-5pm:
Conscious Comedy Sketch: Layers of Identity – Part 1. Opening Day
Empower Panel + Q&A: Am I a Man Yet? Explore how men are currently identifying and the effects that can have. When does a boy become a man – what does that involve, how this can be assisted?
Conscious Comedy Sketch: You Never Know – What is going beneath the surface. A personal, vulnerable account of challenge and change.
Speaker: If you really knew me – The power of vulnerability. Speaking into compassion/understanding of the experiences of others.
Interactive Activity: Practise sharing “If you really knew me” stories. Being vulnerable can be challenging most of us. We get to practise this in a simple exercise.
Conscious Comedy Sketch: Beyond the Beers presents Below the Surface Conversations. We look at how this can look in play out in real life.
Roundtable: What’s it like to be me? Explore identity in the public eye. The impact of the need for external validation and what to do about it.
Speaker: We hear from one of Australia’s most popular personalities. Identity to Intimacy – Where, how, and why men are holding themselves back.

Sunday Session | 8am-5pm:
Empower Panel + Q&A: Common Ground Series- Conversation amongst a diverse panel of men on Escapism. A great session for the audience to understand the idea of escapism and the ways in which men escape.
Interactive Activity: Meditation for Men. We get an insight to the world of Meditation and understand more about the benefits of the practise.
Empower Panel + Q&A: Identity, Intimacy, Integrity + Invitation: championing men. A Women’s perspective on championing Men.
Roundtable: Putting all of this into your life: Safety, relationships, integrity. Integrating the learnings so far and exploring these topics around safety, permission & relationship
Empower Panel + Q&A: Young Buck; Old Bull. A panel discussion amongst elders and young men.
Interactive Activity: Acknowledgement ceremony. Writing a letter to a mentor or role model to Acknowledge them, then letter to self.
Conscious Comedy Sketch: Layers of Identity – Part Two. Closing the loop.
Interactive Activity: Yarn of Legacy. Choosing the day.

Sydney Town Hall
483 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Sat 16 & Sun 17 Nov 2019
Tickets from $57 – $147 and available here


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