LUMINE | World of Lights & Mirrors at World Square Sydney.

LUMINE | World of Lights & Mirrors
(c) LUMINE | World of Lights & Mirrors

To celebrate Sydney Festival of light VIVID, World Square is set to ignite the imagination and transport visitors into a realm of wonder with LUMINE | World of Lights & Mirrors. Expect giant LED trees, mirrors, lights, enchantment and eat your way to WIN your share of over $20K in bonus Cashback by paying with ShopBack from the 26th of May to the 17th June. Experience is totally free to attend and open 24hrs.

The Mirror Forest & The Enchanted Tree Steps

At the heart of LUMINE lies the enchanting Mirror Forest. Step into this mystical realm and be mesmerised as each twist and turn reveals a kaleidoscope of reflections, unveiling a tapestry of captivating stories and igniting the spirit of creativity. Located in Sky Square, the setting is the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary picture.

The Enchanted Tree Steps serve as theFive LED trees, gracefully changing colours, paint the scene with vibrant hues, creating a mesmerising display. These majestic trees embody unique palettes, offering visitors an enchanting setting to capture unforgettable moments.

Vibrant Reflection – Empowering Mirror Neon Wall

Prepare to be empowered by the Vibrant Reflection wall, an illuminating fusion of neon and mirrors. Located in Liverpool Lane, this captivating installation invites people to embrace and express their diverse and vibrant selves, much like a prism revealing a spectrum of colours. Take a selfie and celebrate the beauty of individuality.

Infinity Stairs

As you navigate through World Square, be captivated by the Infinity Stairs. Witness the enthralling graphic spiral illusion as it seamlessly spreads through the square, guiding visitors to each lane with ease. This mesmerising wayfinding experience adds an element of enchantment to the journey, creating an unforgettable exploration.

“We are thrilled to present LUMINE | World of Lights & Mirrors at World Square,” said Rosemary Antonios General Manager World Square. “This extraordinary installation celebrates the interplay of lights and mirrors, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world of enchantment and self-expression. We invite everyone to experience the magic that awaits.”

Food Creations

Indulge in a culinary adventure at World Square, where a diverse array of food creations awaits. From delectable light-inspired desserts to vibrant neon-themed delicacies, savour the fusion of flavours and artistic presentations that complement the enchanting atmosphere of LUMINE during VIVID.

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Download the ShopBack app and head to Foodie Fortune where World Square is giving visitors a unique opportunity to score over $20,000 worth of bonus Cashback and instant prizes when they Pay with ShopBack at over 30 retailers during LUMINE | World of Lights & Mirrors at World Square.

Rewarding those who need to refuel and recharge with us along the way, visitors are also able to Pay and Play with ShopBack light up dancefloor at World Square which is an interactive dancefloor from the 27th May – 11 June on Ground Level entry is FREE.

Eligible café & restaurants in World Square include PappaRich, BreadTop, Karen’s Diner, Gami Fried Chicken and Beer and popular Chinese ice cream and bubble tea parlour, Mixue.

World Square is a premier destination in the heart of Sydney, offering a vibrant mix of dining, retail, entertainment, and cultural experiences. Boasting a central location and a dynamic atmosphere, World Square is committed to provide a welcoming and diverse environment for locals and visitors alike.

LUMINE | World of Lights & Mirrors will be open to the public starting from Friday 26th of May at World Square, located in the heart of Sydney. The installation can be experienced during regular operating hours, providing an extraordinary opportunity to indulge in the captivating world of lights and mirrors.

26th of May to 17th of June; open 24hrs
World Square, Sydney