Luke’s Kitchen x Bar Luc-San: A Fusion Experience

Luke's Kitchen X Bar Luc-San
Luke's Kitchen X Bar Luc-San

One evening, I went to Luke’s Kitchen for their limited-time collaboration with sister venue, Bar Luc-San. While the atmosphere might have been a touch subdued on a Saturday night, it was easily overshadowed by the exceptional service and, of course, the delicious food.

Nestled within the stunning Kimpton Margot Sydney, Luke’s Kitchen boasts an art deco ambience. The Kimpton Margot itself has a rich history, having been built in 1939. This translates into the restaurant’s design, where you might find elements like. Polished finishes, think chrome or marble accents that add a touch of glamour. Geometric patterns in the flooring, furniture, or even lighting fixtures. Plus pops of colour could be present in upholstery or artwork.

Menu Highlights


  • East 33 Sydney Rock Oyster, Sakura ‘Mignonette’: These oysters were fresh and briny, perfectly complemented by the delicate and floral notes of the Sakura mignonette.
  • Market Fish Sashimi, Mandarin Ponzu, Espelette Chilli Oil: This dish offered a refreshing and vibrant flavor profile, with the sashimi’s freshness beautifully accentuated by the citrusy mandarin ponzu and the subtle heat from the Espelette chilli oil.
  • Wagyu Steak Tartare, Crispy Potato, Wasabi Leaf, Black Garlic: The steak tartare was rich and flavorful, with the crispy potato adding a satisfying crunch. The wasabi leaf provided a unique piquancy, while the black garlic added depth and umami.

Skewers from the Grill

  • Chicken, Yuzu Cream: The chicken skewers were succulent and tender, with the yuzu cream offering a bright, citrusy flavor that lifted the dish.
  • Wagyu, Sauce Paloise: These wagyu skewers were a highlight, with the meat’s marbling ensuring a melt-in-the-mouth experience, perfectly complemented by the herbaceous and creamy Sauce Paloise.

Large Plates

  • Prawns, Seaweed Beurre Blanc, Tempura Shiso: The prawns were cooked to perfection, and the seaweed beurre blanc provided a rich, savory base. The tempura shiso added an interesting textural element and a hint of herbal freshness.
  • Pork Katsu, Pickled Mustard Leaf, Sauce Choron: The pork katsu was crispy on the outside and juicy inside, with the pickled mustard leaf adding a necessary sharpness to cut through the richness. The Sauce Choron, a tomato-infused béarnaise, brought everything together with its creamy and tangy notes.

The drinks menu didn’t disappoint either. My evening began with the Chiyo Shuzo Shinomine Chokara, a unique sake style cocktail. This unfiltered, undiluted sake offered a taste of pure rice perfection, with hints of melon and honeysuckle adding a touch of sweetness.

Next, I ventured into the world of the Luc San Martini. This innovative twist on the classic combined the smooth Summum Vodka with the subtle smokiness of Shochu. The addition of Massenez Lychee and pineapple brought a burst of tropical fruitiness, balanced by a touch of ginger for a satisfying complexity.

Finally, I couldn’t resist the Yuzu & Chilli Margarita. This vibrant concoction featured Blanco Tequila, offering a clean base for the vibrant notes of Massenez Chilli, refreshing cucumber, and tangy yuzu. A touch of Espelette chilli oil added a subtle warmth, making it a truly exciting cocktail.

While the limited menu might seem restrictive at first glance, it allows the kitchen to focus on delivering each dish to perfection. The fusion of Australian and Japanese influences creates a truly unique dining experience, and the quality of the ingredients shines through in every bite. Luke’s Kitchen is perfectly situated for a pre or post-theatre meal, a business lunch, or a night out on the town. Its central location allows for easy access to public transportation and other entertainment options.

Luke’s Kitchen
Kimpton Margot Hotel
339 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
T: +61 2 8027 8088 | E: | Book Online


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