Lose yourself to the Dark Side of Cirque

Enter the captivating world of Le Noir: The Dark Side of Cirque, truly unique and spellbinding theatrical journey. These acrobats, musicians, speciality acts and comedians are the centrepiece of the show filled with surreal yet beautiful, seductive and at times hilariously risqué.

Director and choreographer Neil Dorward explores the emotions through colours as the cast transforms from ‘blanc’ (innocent white), ‘rouge’ (passionate red) and the darkness of le ‘noir’. What does it all mean?

With incredible displays of balance, contortion, stamina, aerial artistry and the final death-defying act, the skill performed by the cast of Le Noir is a show not to miss.

A sexy burlesque… cabaret-style performance filled with raw talent.

MC for the evening is Salvador Salangsang, a slapstick clown that started the show with an audience participation skit and mime. I, like others are afraid of going up on stage and not knowing what to expect the cast will humiliate you with. Lucky for me the premium patrons on stage were first on the list – this is what happens when you sit front row.

Blanc evokes a feeling of purity and grace, with fluid movements of the solo hand balancer, the high aerial hoop artist and the mesmerizing aerial silk duet that soars across the stage with grace. Rouge is more sensual and seductive with the energy in the stage take fold to the roller skating duo. An element of risk as our eyes cannot resist watching for more. Two strong men take us on a demanding balancing routine, showing their hot physique and composure.

Naturally the performers costumes or lack off, seduces us with fancy feathers, corsets and buff bodies as the music intensifies with each act.

Lastly, Noir breathtaking complexity and risk element amplified with Rolla Bolla, stacking steel tubes up high whilst balancing on a swinging plank, to the punk rock star-spinning prism and artist spinning on a giant steel hula-hoop.

The show finale, the Wheel of death, Angelo Rodriguez and Carlo Macias perform atop dual wheels at the end of the show. Tension rises when these amazing acrobats perform tricks inside and outside the two spinning wheels. Try running on the outside whilst the other is skipping-ropes on the inside!

Everyone has a darker side, a celebration of the human potential as one loses themselves to the dark side of cirque.

Le Noir: The Dark Side of Cirque

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