Local Brekky Art Cafe

Brekky Art Cafe

If you think community cafe’s are just for trendy hipsters, think again. Affordable, quirky and local, the Brekky Art Cafe contacted me through social media to visit their place to enjoy their warm hospitality. This was a first for me, but I do enjoy meeting new people and hope I’m able to bring a voice to what they had to offer.

The couple has been serving the community of Darlinghurst for a number of years, cooking up delicious breakfast menus, sandwiches to wraps, salads and gourmet burgers that taste as if they were made just for you.

Check out my photos of some of the items I got to taste. Please note! portions are quite substantial so you know you are getting a good feed than most other cafe’s I know or your know.

For those looking for a kick to your mornings, try the Brazilian Breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo and spicy sauce. For a salad option, I would recommend the Brekky Art Salad, which is great for vegans (thought I give that a go) I chose the pan fried satay tofu with quinoa, grilled shitake & wild mushroom, asparagus, tomatoes, brocolli with a drizzle of ginger sesame dressing. Yep, I can confirm that vegan food does not taste like cardboard, this was great. For those who like a bit more substance and meat, then you must try their burgers. The Pull Pork burger was deliciously messy and will make you lick your lips and fingers for more. Tender pork meat with tomato, lettuce and a chilli jam yoghurt mayo.

Lucky for me I had loose jeans that afternoon to fit in a healthy, yes a healthy Raw Caramel Slice (FREE disclaimer – gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and vegan friendly) A press of cashews, sunflower seeds, coconut, cocoa powder, coconut oil and cream, paired with a nice cup of lemongrass and ginger tea.

Today, the Cafe stands as a creative community space in the heart of the city centre striving to build community based on an ethos of inclusion, respect and hospitality, providing a safe heaven and creativity flow for the arts – on rare occasions you might find a local muso and his mates taking control of the keyboard, guitar and having a small acoustic jam. A project where local artists are able to showcase their work all over the walls and available for purchase towards a sustainable environment.

This lovely cafe, always choose locally sourced produce and is the setting for an exciting or relax programme of events with friends. It has very limited seating out front, but do check out the back to relax.

Committed to providing the freshest, healthiest and best ingredients so you can be sure they’ll take care of you holistically. 

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7am – 4pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 4pm

Brekky Art Cafe
379b Dowling St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia
T: +61 (02) 7900 6770
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