Real conversation and colourful action for Women’s Mental Health.

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Now is the time for Aussie women to register and proudly rock their favourite lipstick every day during Liptember (September), as a lighthearted way to raise awareness and vital funds for women’s mental health.

Starting in 2010, the “Liptember” flagship fundraising campaign has raised more than $12 million to date, helping support women’s mental health research, programs, initiatives, and support services across the country.

“There has been a persistent blind spot when it comes to women’s mental health and the lack of research, programs, and support focused on women’s mental health is something we’re committed to improving,” Liptember CEO and Founder, Luke Morris, explains.

“We’re encouraging Aussie women to join in Liptember, following recent findings from the inaugural Liptember Foundation Women’s Mental Health Research Study that one in two women are currently experiencing mental illness.”

It’s easy, simply register to become a fundraiser and proudly rock a bright lippy every day during September. It goes a long way towards starting those important conversations and raising money for women’s mental health.

This year, Liptember has also carried forward their REAL TALK video series to give a platform to everyday Australian women and to encourage REAL conversations around mental health; inspiring REAL action for REAL change.

The series features a collection of intimate interviews from passionate Liptember supporters, who talk openly and candidly about their personal mental health journeys and what makes them advocates for women’s mental health, alongside the Liptember team.

Aussie women are encouraged to get involved with the Liptember Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign to ensure that the biggest impact possible can be made. The fundraising community can be confident that the funds raised are making the largest impact possible for women and their mental health, investing in programs, initiatives, support services, and research to address the gender gap.

The first, and most fun, step in joining Liptember is setting up your fundraising profile and sharing your motivations, fundraising goals, and uploading some selfies.

Liptember provides a number of assets to help Aussie women be a part of the conversation, including tips, tricks, and ideas for fundraising, social media assets, and so much more.

Anyone interested in setting up a fundraising profile can visit for more information.