Lifestyle Essentials for Travel

lifestyle essentials
lifestyle essentials

When it comes to travel, there is an endless amount of tips and advice that gets passed around for the taking. Packing light or packing smart? To roll or to fold? I’ve only recently discovered my wanderlust but I understand the necessity for items that provide comfort and convenience. I’m heading to New Caledonia this May for the Inaugural Women’s International Pro-Am Tournament so I’ve prepared an essentials list of lifestyle items that I’ll be taking with me.

Maui Jims Sunglasses
A good pair of sunnies never goes astray and the glasses from Maui Jims manage to meld both functionality and style. Their patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology blocks 100% of harmful UV rays and eliminates glare whilst still enhancing colour. Anything multifunctional is ideal when packing for travel and these definitely fit the bill. My favourites are Canna (Dark Tortoise AUD $319.00) or Cathedral (Black gloss AUD $379.00)

Audiofly AF45W Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Many people will argue that their much-loved tech accessories are a critical travel essential, and I am unashamedly one of them. My headphones are an extension of me during any trip (be it a day trip or international holiday) and the Audiofly AF45W Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are my go-to pair. They have an incredibly clear sound so I can depend on them to tune out any background noise including engine rumbles, crying babies and snoring passengers. Being wireless, there’s no risk of getting tangled up in cords and I’ll always have something to listen to during my holiday. RRP $89.99

Belkin Surge Plus Travel Adaptor
Lastly but definitely not least, is the Belkin Surge Plus Travel Adaptor. Triple checking that I have packed my adaptor when I travel is always a priority. With it, I can charge multiple electronic devices at one time and having one that can be used worldwide means it’s a great investment for any avid traveller. Overall, it’s a little bulky but it’s undoubtedly worth its share of luggage space. RRP $39.95