Let’s Eat by Margaret Pomeranz

Enjoy a two-course lunch in Sorlies Bistro with special guest Margaret Pomeranz, co-author of Let’s Eat and writer, critic and film lover.

Navigating busy lives in film and TV, Margaret and her daughter-in-law Philippa look forward to the weekends when they get together to share stories, eat simple, slightly indulgent but mainly healthy food, and relax with the people they love. With gorgeous photography, family snapshots, stories of movie stars and directors, misadventures and fun times – as well as 80 of Margaret and Pip’s favourite recipes – Let’s Eat is a celebration of food, film, family and friends.

Margaret Pomeranz has been a household name in Australia for almost 30 years. Her on-screen partnership with David Stratton on The Movie Show (SBS) and At the Movies (ABC) is the stuff of legend.

Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz is a producer and director whose recent series for NBC Universal, Fashion Bloggers, has been aired around the world. Married to Margaret’s son Josh, Pip does not have one of ‘those mothers-in-law’ that films are made of – she has one she loves and actually likes to hang out with. And cook with!

Literary Lunch
LET’S EAT by Margaret Pomeranz and Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz
Sorlies Bistro, Glen Street Theatre, corner Glen Street and Blackbutts Road, Belrose NSW 2085
Friday June 5, 12:30pm
Ticket Price: $54, including two-course meal. Pre-purchase a glass of wine for $5. Transaction charges may apply.
Proudly hosted in conjunction with Lindfield Bookshop.
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