Legrand Australia highlights the latest security trends and how best to protect your home.

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When it comes to your home, security is of the utmost importance. It is about protecting your home and loved ones, but it is also about providing peace of mind. In 2022 and beyond, innovative technology and automation continue to play an essential role in home security, with innovative yet simple solutions revolutionising how people safeguard their homes.

This year we are seeing more and more Aussies embrace smart security solutions – which is no surprise when you look at the stats and facts. Australia has the 7th highest rate of burglaries globally; 4.3% of Australian households experienced a break-in or attempted break-in during the last 12 months. We have also seen an increase in parcel thefts during the recent lockdowns, with people’s goods ordered online stolen from their doorstep or apartment lobby. Increasing your home security would not only allow you to control and monitor your home but can often deter potential burglary from occurring in the first place.

Legrand Australia are the leaders in smart home innovation and offers a wide range of security and automation solutions designed to suit your lifestyle and safeguard your home. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home, rental property, holiday house, Airbnb, or monitor the safety and security of elderly or loved ones at home or away – understanding the latest tech and trends can help you choose the best products to suit your needs.

Legrand Australia lifestyle expert Jason Neophytou unpacks the latest trends, sharing how you can best implement these home security solutions into your space and the many benefits you will reap.

Innovative and Design LED Technology

As homes continue to become more modern, the desire for security systems that are both safe and stylish has become more prevalent. Rather than just a traditional burglar alarm to detect intruders, consumers search for wireless monitoring systems or integrated and interoperable devices that they can monitor from their smartphones.

Luckily, the innovations in smart and safe technology have also led to more improvements in the style and design of smart technology. The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera is an outstanding example of a minimalist and unique design that blends seamlessly into the home. A discreet camera will increase your home security and allow you to receive alerts in real-time, taking immediate action should an intruder enter your home.

Remote Security

With the rise in Airbnb, vacation rentals and short-stay accommodation, hosts/owners have increased safety and privacy concerns with unknown guests entering their property regularly. Adding an outdoor surveillance system with remote access capabilities lets you monitor your home from your mobile device, anywhere. The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera allows users to see what is happening around their front entrance and monitor the garden.

Its advanced technology can distinguish between different people, animals, and cars, sending real-time alerts if an unknown person or vehicle is detected on the property via the Netatmo Security app. In-built LED lighting systems and 105dB siren/alarms help to deter intruders, and the LEDs can also help light up the path at night. So, whether you are absent or present, you can ensure that the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera will protect your home from unauthorised entries.

Facial Recognition

Security surveillance systems are becoming more complex and powerful than ever before. It is no surprise then that consumers and technology enthusiasts are avidly looking for the latest security and surveillance market trends. Using security systems that include facial recognition technology combined with remote access via a mobile device can increase your home security and give you peace of mind!

Intelligent security solutions such as the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera is an excellent device for use inside the home. Using motion sensors and revolutionary facial recognition technology to monitor activity within your home sends alerts if an intruder or unusual activity is detected with a picture of their face and video recording accessible from your mobile phone.

You can save up to 32 recognisable faces of families and even pets and can protect their privacy by disabling notifications and video recordings of familiar faces. Perfect for keeping an eye on the kids, grandparents, or furry friends’ safety whilst at work or out running errands. The only smart security camera that gives you access to all its features without charging any subscription fees is a bonus! Now you can lead your busy lifestyle at ease knowing your loved ones are safe and sound.

Enhanced Home Security and Automation

A connected video door entry system is a must-have for enhanced home security, whether you are greeting guests or hoping not to miss a delivery whilst out or at work. The Bticino Classe 300EOS allows for full home automation, with a built-in Alexa voice assistant and remote access and control via smartphone using the Home and Control app.

The Classe 300EOS capabilities do not stop there, the built-in Alexa voice assistant can provide you with access to features including personalised routines, smart home functions, alarm close settings, reminders, and video intercom functions. The Netatmo smart home security systems can also be managed via the Classe 300EOS/Home and Control App – connecting multiple devices, further enhancing your home security.

The Netatmo range is also expandable – in addition to the Indoor and Outdoor Cameras you can also add a siren, door and window sensors, or the full suite of smart home security solutions. It is where innovation meets contemporary living, what more could you want?

Cloud Computing and Cyber Security

With advances in smart home technology, there are also increasing concerns about cyber security, given the amount of data we share online. Indeed, according to the Australian Cyber Security Annual Cyber Threat Report (2020 2021), an average of 164 cybercrime reports are made by Australians every day.

Therefore, where and how your data is stored and managed is something you should watch for when purchasing home security systems. Privacy protection and data security are a top priority, and the Legrand Cloud has been developed as part of the Microsoft Azure solution – it also undergoes regular privacy impact assessments to ensure no outsiders can hack into IT systems to steal, alter, or destroy data.

The Legrand Cloud hosts work and keep secure all data needed to access connected solutions. The apps used to monitor and control your home are all free of charge and available from the App Store or Google Play.