La Boca Bar and Grill

la boca bar and grill
la boca bar and grill

The brilliant colour & cuisine of Argentina has been brought to life in Sydney, with Stamford Plaza’s La Boca Bar & Grill.

The eclectic & vibrant decor is definitely the first thing that catches your eye – with bold colours striking out from across the restaurant’s every corner. A far cry from the subtle and styled interior of most hotel restaurants, this easy brilliance is a welcoming change of pace. The flaming Asado grill. That most iconic of Argentinian culinary spectacles, the flaming Asado grill, is in prominent view from any point in the restaurant – the glistening cuts and barbequing sides of meat a tantalizing reminder of what Argentinian cuisine is here to offer.

‘La Boca’ is Spanish for “The Mouth” – and that’s exactly what this restaurant is about. That may seem a little unsurprising, given the usual role of restaurants, however this Argentinian bar & grill is taking this to the next level. With a packed menu containing staples such as empanadas, churros & chorizo, the real standouts are the variety of barbequed meats. Between the flame-grilled Asado meat and the traditional Parrilla (gaucho) grill, there is nothing for the meat-lover to find wanting.

I can’t breeze past the Parrilla without mentioning the Entraña skirt steak – phenomenally tender, beautifully seasoned & grilled to perfection – it’s rare to find a steak so unbelievably well-handled. All the meat used by La Boca is sourced from within Australia, and head chef Nicolas informs us that the kitchen follows the philosophy of ‘Nose to Tail’ where the cuts of meat not grilled and served are used to season the restaurants’ stocks and broths. The dessert menu is similarly impressive, with the Espresso Caramel Cake a true standout, as visually impressive as it is bursting with flavour.

The cocktails on offer are many and varied, each bringing their own unique twist to the institution of Argentinian dining, as well as a wide selection of classics. The wine list is designed to go hand-in-hand with the menu, with special mention going to the selection of malbec, bringing that fine Argentine tradition to Australia in dazzling style.

La Boca is located in Sydney Airports’ Stamford Plaza, at 241 O’Riordan St Mascot – opening from 5am for breakfast (and bringing out the famed Asado grill at noon) and open till late. With Christmas just around the corner, there’s no shame in starting the holiday eating early – so get in and find out what the fuss is about!