The Kerrigan Smokehouse on the Pier

The Kerrigan at Pier One Sydney
The Kerrigan at Pier One Sydney

With the launch of The Kerrigan in early October, the brand new food shack has parked itself on the pier underneath the Harbour Bridge in time for summer.

Equipped with a custom-made wood-burning grill and on-site smoker. It’s the ultimate Aussie backyard BBQ and the talented Chefs from Pier One Sydney Harbour have you covered.

Sourced from Black Forest Smokehouse, meats on the menu are smoked for up to 14 hours and deliver a range of homemade sauces, rubs, and glazes.

On the table I chatted with Chef with a small selection of favourites. The Beef Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of the beef. Cold smoked, pop into the oven, steam it for 6 – 7 hours, until the meat pulls apart, tossed it in the Kerrigan sauce with a lime an julienne salad. Cooked right, the Pork/Lam Racks are meltingly delicious, and the ribs also gives you the added primal pleasure of tearing the meat away from bones with your teeth and then licking your fingers of the remnants of the all-important Kerrigan BBQ sauce. Cooking ribs is one of those simple things that can be done 100 ways and Chef’s secret Kerrigan sauce has a distinct sweetness to it. Below are a couple more items on the table, but do check out the menu on the pier.

The Kerrigan Burger $12
Single beef patty, cheese croquette, lettuce, tomato with their house made pickles and Kerrigan sauce.

Smoked Pork Rack $23 half | $39 full
Pork ribs with house made BBQ sauce plus two sides

Beef Brisket $15
Filled in a soft tortilla wrap with lettuce, lime, salsa and coriander

Chook Wings $14
Five piece crispy chicken wings, choice of Aussie, Indo or Korean sauce.

Soak up the sweeping Sydney view and Walsh Bay waterside, the perfect setting to dining on the pier, open daily from 11.30am – 9pm.

The Kerrigan
Pier One Sydney Harbour
11 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay NSW 2000, Australia
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