We need to speak to the manager. Karen’s Diner is set to open at World Square.

Karen's Diner
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“OK, rule number one. Unless you are served in the frosted glass, never come within four feet of my lips” – Karen Walker, the original Karen

Launching on July 15th in World Square in a transformed empty retail space, Karen’s Diner is a 1950s style US diner where the food is great and the staff ARE RUDE. With the rise of the notorious complaining ‘Karens’ in today’s society, this innovative concept will be an interesting place to visit where customers can enjoy American comfort food such as burgers, wings, shakes, and cocktails, where the staff and customers alike are encouraged to have some rude, tongue-in-cheek fun. The menu will also feature a number of vegan and vegetarian options as well.

Hospitality and experiential company Viral Ventures, owners of Sydney’s famous World Bar (now known as Wonderland Bar) and their immersive experiences like the Wizards Den, will be adding Karen’s Diner to their portfolio, following an incredible 12 month success which saw the business launch 85 new events globally, despite the pandemic proving challenging for the industry. The group works with actors at most of their venues to create entertainment experiences that go beyond the cocktails in their venues to create unforgettable experiences.

Speaking of the new launch, Viral Ventures Co-Founder Aden Levin said: “All of our concepts at Viral Ventures are designed to make sure people have fun and potentially try something they have never experienced before, whether it’s an immersive experience in our Wonderland Bar or being served by angry Karen’s in our new Karen’s Diner. We just want people to have fun and this is our approach to all our venues and pop-ups around Australia.”

What are your top Karen quotes? Here’s a list we’ve created so your ready for when the diner opens.

1. May I speak to your manager?
2. That’s unacceptable!
3. My name is misspelled on the cup.
4. You ruined my family’s entire vacation!
5. I can’t get oxygen through a mask.
6. But, that doesn’t apply to me.
7. You just lost our business!
8. Do you know how much money I spend here every month?
9. This is a great inconvenience.
10. I’ve never had to pay for these before.
Bonus: Do you know who I am?

Karen’s Diner
World Square
Level 1/644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
karen@bemorekaren.com.au | book online
Opening Hours:
Wed, Thur, Sun: 12pm-10pm
Fri, Sat: 12pm-11pm