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Does Aloe Vera deserve a place in your skincare routine? We speak to the founder of Juvenis Australia, Dr Mehdi Denis Moustaqil, on the benefits to your skin.

But is the hype surrounding the aloe vera nothing more than the much relief of being in the sun too long?

How did the Juvenis begin?
The journey started in Queensland five years ago, when I got burned by an intensely sunny day on the back while surfing on the Gold Coast. Following the event, my friend told me on the same evening that I should use some Aloe Vera from her garden to recover from the burn. Believe it or not, after applying the plant every two hours, the next day I had recovered completely from it. After Studying pharmaceutical science for six years in France I was shocked to see a plant over smarting the most expensive cream on the market including the ones with pharmaceutical active ingredients.

I then decided to jump into the first pharmacy to buy more of this Aloe Vera gel as my need and addiction for this product were just growing day by day… however I was not able to find the quality as close as the one from the plant. Without losing hope, I entered in contact directly with a few aloe Vera farms in Queensland and I submitted the idea to create something natural, chemical-free and to produce a gel that respected the most this medicinal plant. Let’s increase the purity of Aloe vera with minimum processing and added ingredients.

One farm accepted the project and then I applied all my knowledge from my pharmaceutical degree into this new simple formulation. Pretty much I did the opposite of any pharmaceutical company, which is betting the whole project on simplicity, minimalism, and purity toward the plant rather than financial rewards by adding synthetic compounds. We are proud to say we are “all natural” with four ingredients – by far the lowest ingredient list on the market.

This is how the first skincare formulation started and to respect the purity and the natural aspect of our gel of Aloe Vera, we decided to build the company on a plastic-free spirit. We are more than a skin product, we are a lifestyle. That is why the refillable bamboo jar was the best alternative to plastic and It is very pleasant to watch and to hold. Following this spirit, the bamboo as well as our brand name JUVENIS are made for both genders. Juvenis come from Juvenes which means in Latin: young boy, young girl. At Juvenis we focus on the skin not on selling cosmetics to a specific gender. From biology, The human skin of male and female are made by the same process during embryogenesis and there is no reason for man to not hold a bamboo jar and apply some aloe vera on a daily basis.

What’s installed with Juvenis?
We are just at the starting point of the journey, and skincare was our first idea to enter the market. However very soon you will see an anti-wrinkle made of Aloe Vera and Cocoa, as well as a product for moisturizing the hair tips and scalp (reinforcing as well the strength of the hair at the roots to not fall).

What other benefits does it have?
Aloe vera gel is widely known to relieve sunburn and help heal wounds. But this plant can be used for much more than sunburn relief or household décor! Aloe vera is literally a Pharmacy in a plant.

Aloe Vera contains at least 140 individual substances – no less than 70 essential nutrients, including a wealth of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, phytosterols and amino acids. For list of ingredients and science visit the links.

1. Rejuvenation capacity(wound healing)
2. Regeneration properties (sun exposure)
3. Anti-inflammatory action
4. Immune System Boosting
5. Moisturizing and Anti-aging properties
6. Antiseptic effects

What’s the ideal routine for maintaining youthful skin?
The real secret is in the biology of our system. The skin is made from two sources of vitamins and nutrients. One internal source, we are what we are eating and an external source, we look at what we apply in our skin to nourish it. The more natural the better as our skin is an organ alive very similar to a plant. The real secret I will say is eating healthy, be active, get some sun (and always be sunsmart)

On a daily routine, you can apply a fingertip amount onto a dry face in circular motions (do not rinse, leave it to absorb). Embrace the cold tingling sensation as the gel begins nourishing your skin cells. The slight tightening feeling is due to the toning properties that pure Aloe Vera extract exerts upon your skin to fight the visible signs of tiredness and ageing.

Morning Rise: To protect and hydrate all day long. (use as a toner before makeup)
Evening Treat: A tiny bit on the skin. Optimizing the rejuvenation process as you sleep.
On-the-Go: Perfect for quick refreshment anytime.

Being a sustainable product
First, we want to rebuild the trust between customers and their cosmetics, as the system has been overplaying the scientific card to oversell products without efficacy. For this, we adopted a full disclosure policy toward our customers. Our labeling outlines the four ingredients in descending order of inclusion that can be found within our formulations, with no hidden surprises.

Secondly, our aim is to change our vision toward the use of our daily product. Our passion for the environment along with our mission to create a plastic-free planet, where we drive in-store our Aloe Vera in a refillable bamboo glass jar. We are taking a huge step towards reducing our overall plastic footprint. At Juvenis we are natural and organic in product and brand contributing to environmental and global health.

Keep in mind, when you purchase any skincare product – your skin naturally reacts differently to another. If you’re ready to enjoy the perks that come from incorporating aloe vera into your skincare routine. Check out Juvenis Australia online, available Austalia-wide and international shipping.