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SkyDive Southern Alps

Boundless skies, New Zealand’s most stunning alpine scenery and an authentic appeal to the adventurous are the hallmarks of a freshly-branded skydive company. For the past five years the former Skydive Paradise has been playing little brother to its older and bigger sibling NZONE Skydive.

Now Skydive Southern Alps is having its moment in the sun with a brand refresh that reflects and explains what a truly amazing experience Skydive Southern Alps is, targeting the explorers and adventurers among New Zealand visitors looking for the ultimate skydive experience.

Skydive Southern Alps is part of Australasia’s fastest-growing tourism company, Australian-based publicly listed company ExperienceCo. The company acquired the Glenorchy-based skydive company when it bought sister operation NZONE Skydive two years ago.

“The grandeur of the scenery as guests jump from a plane 15,000ft above the rugged snow-capped Southern Alps, the braided channels of the Dart River, crystal clear Lake Wakatipu and the gorgeous township of Glenorchy makes this a breath-taking experience,” says Marketing Manager Stephen Thompson.

People who love a sense of discovery are ecstatic about the whole experience, starting with the spectacular 45-minute lake edge drive from Queenstown to the beautiful and remote Glenorchy in the heart of the mountains. It’s a very personalised trip for small groups shared with a handful of our friendly and highly-experienced flight and ground crew.

Where else in the world do you get to jump over Tolkein’s magical Middle Earth, with that birds-eye view of Mt Aspiring and Fiordland national parks? Once they’ve made the leap of faith to leave their perfectly good plane, guests have up to 60 seconds of freefall to take in the 360-degree views from above, appreciating the scale of the 500km-long Southern Alps, the backbone of New Zealand’s South Island. On a clear day they can see as far as Mitre Peak in Milford Sound on the wild West Coast of the island.

What are some Q&A you may ask?

How long do I freefall for?
From 15,000ft you will freefall for 65 seconds, from 12,000ft you will freefall for 45 seconds and from 9,000ft you will freefall for 30 seconds.

How fast do I freefall?
Maximum speed is about 200kph!

How long is the flight?
It takes about 15-17 minutes to reach altitude depending on your skydive height.

What kind of plane do you have?
They operate a Walter powered Fletcher with a 550 horse power engine.

What do I need to bring?
A need for adventure! You just need shoes that are secure and won’t fall off so no sandals or thongs (jandals for the Kiwis!). You’ll also need some warm layers of clothing depending on the season, especially in the colder months where we do recommend that multiple layers are more suitable than one large jacket.

I wear prescription glasses, do I have to take these off for my skydive?
No! They have goggles that will fit over your glasses.

I wear contact lenses, is this OK?
Yes! But they do suggest you bring your contact solution just in case your lenses dry out.

How do I get there?
The meeting point is 35 Shotover Street, Queenstown or the Glenorchy Airport on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road.

Do you allow spectators?
Yes, your friends and family are welcome to drive themselves to our dropzone and watch. Depending on the Queenstown transport space availability, spectators can join the trips for no cost. Please book at the same time as your tandem skydive. They will confirm whether or not there is space available for spectators at the time of your weather check on the day of your skydive.

Can I take my camera on the plane with me?
No, this is due to safety reasons, but you can take photos on the ground while getting ready. There are options for photos and video to remember your experience.

What if the departure doesn’t go ahead due to the weather?
Where possible we will reschedule you to another departure time. This will be discussed with you before any changes are made.

What if I can’t reschedule because I’m leaving town?
If you cannot re-arrange to another trip, you will be refunded in full. There is also the option of transferring your Skydive to Queenstown or Wanaka.

Can I drive to the Glenorchy dropzone myself?
Yes you can, but please check with Skydive Paradise before you drive out to confirm that the trip is going ahead, due to weather.

Guests wishing to book their skydive adventure of a lifetime can visit the dedicated new Skydive Southern Alps Shop in Queenstown’s Shotover Street.

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