World-renowned chef and cookbook author, Jason Roberts will be taking over Milpa Collective’s Bondi’s Calita for a community feast.

Calita | Jason Roberts
? Calita - Community Feast | Jason Roberts

Internationally renowned Chef Jason Roberts takes over MILPA Collective’s Bondi venue Calita for Community Feast alongside cake creator and connoisseur Elisa Pietranonio this September and October.

Over the span of three Wednesday evenings, guests will be treated to a curated food and wine feast, designed to celebrate the local community through a communal intimate dinner. Known for its beautiful view overlooking Bondi Beach, Calita (‘tiny beach’ in Spanish) will become home to Roberts and Pietranonio’s menu catered to the notion of receiving dishes and wines in a non-conventional course dinner. From Wednesday 28th of September, October 5th and 12th of October, the 28-seat marisqueria will be reimagined into Jason’s and Elisa’s own take on the Mexican cuisine through shared platters, a selection of Geyer and Gentle Folk wines, and plenty of mezcal flowing.

On the collaborative takeover concept, Milpa Collective Co-Founder Pablo Vargas notes, “The main idea of this experience is the sense of community. Guests will enjoy a ‘community dinner’; tables will be communal and food, wine and mezcal will be a plenty. Talking and cheering with your neighbours at the table is encouraged, just as it is done at a good Mexican wedding. Let’s meet, eat, drink, talk and make Bondi great again.”

The set menu will be a combination of flavours that pay homage to the cultural ingredients of Mexico, with a focus on local, fresh and sustainable produce. Some of the key menu highlights include Wild Caught Australian Lobster + Avocado Tostadas, shared Barramundi Escabeche and Braised Beef Cheek served with small tortillas, and Chilli Chocolate Tart and Dirty Rice Horchata for dessert.

Jason Roberts notes the importance of the produce, and what this takeover will provide for not only the community but also the producers. “This is an incredible opportunity to work with some of Australia’s greatest produce in one of Australia’s most iconic locations. I’m a storyteller, the relationship I have with these farmers needs to be shared, an opportunity for us all to acknowledge the land and sea and the community of people who work tirelessly to provide the best ingredients for us to work with and enjoy.”

Drawing on the ethos and inspiration from the fresh produce, Roberts has sourced ingredients from both Australia and his native country of New Zealand from businesses including Rio Vista Olives, Ōra King Salmon and Ferguson Australia.

For the wine and cocktail paring of the evening, Calita will offer a selection of Geyer and Gentle Folk (South Australia), with both producers well known for their sustainable farming practices, and low intervention on the making. As with any Milpa Collective venue, guests can also expect the famous margarita’s and cocktails using small batch and boutique mezcals and tequilas imported from Mexico.

Speaking on their friendship with Roberts, Milpa Collective Co Founder Liber Osorio notes that the relationship grew over organically over mezcals and tacos when he frequently their restaurant Taqiza. Since 2017, the sense of community has been an important part of their interactions, with all three living and celebrating their local area.

Osorio further adds, “After the pandemic, we noticed some negative impacts in the social interactions of people in general and in Bondi particularly. We think it’s important to come together as neighbours and try to bring back some of this sense of community to our public spaces. This is how the idea of a collaboration came to the table. As a Bondi local, Jason is a very well-known and loved personality in the area. He’s always involved in local events and runs a famous taco stand from the window of his apartment in North Bondi with the profits going to different charities.”

The sense of community runs deep with Roberts, having founded G’Day Neighbour – a daily Instagram live chat and cook from his Bondi kitchen. The series invites anyone to come for the food and stay for the conversation, leaning into some of the bigger conversations where food has become the catalyst for connecting communities around the world.

The Calita takeover will be no different, with the three nights celebrating a united Bondi over conversations, wine and shared platters. Jason Roberts Calita will launch Wednesday 28 September, 5 October and 12 October, with a food and wine feast for $149. Bookings are essential, with 28 limited spots to experience this unique collaboration.

Jason Roberts Calita Takeover
266 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Australia

Wednesday, 28 September
6:30pm | Bookings HERE

Wednesday, 5 October
6:30pm | Bookings HERE

Wednesday,12 October
6:30pm | Bookings HERE