Mr Black Coffee cocktails takes on the Traveller’s High Tea at Jackalberry bar.

? Jackalberry - Traveller's High Tea

The espresso martini has been a ubiquitous part of summer for many years in Sydney, and now it’s met its match!

Every summer, I’m always torn between the pageantry and elegance of a High Tea, and the maddening prospect of sitting in a stifling room sipping on hot tea and warm pastries. Luckily, Jackalberry Bar at the Hyatt Regency Sydney has heard my (many) prayers, and conspired with Mr. Black coffee liqueur to bring to life a uniquely Sydney creation – the Traveller’s High Tea.

While hot coffee doesn’t sound much better than hot tea, the team at Jackalberry have put together a list of cocktails using Mr. Black’s cold brew liqueur to take the edge off the heat. The High Coffee takes the traditional three tiers of the high tea, and pairs them with three unique cocktails that have never been seen before in Sydney.

The first tier combines a delightfully light vanilla lemonade and white chocolate scone (complete with the absolutely necessary jam, marmalade and cream) and pairs them with the brand-new Kaldi Fizz. The Kaldi Fizz, named after the legendary goatherder who originally discovered coffee many centuries ago, is a phenomenally unique cocktail – I’ve never tasted anything similar. Made with a cordial from the coffee cherry, combined with prosecco and cucumber, the result is a delightfully dry, tannic and amazingly refreshing cocktail – one that is as welcome on the beach as it is in the tea room.

The second tier is perhaps the single most remarkable part of the whole ensemble. The opera cake, crema catalana and chocolate macadamia nut lollipop are joined by that classic Australian favourite – the lamington. Paired with this is a singularly impressive cocktail known as the Lost in Translation. This subtle blend of tropical fruits melds with Colombian Single-Origin coffee, complemented by coconut – imitating the flavour of a lamington. This beautiful blend isn’t cloyingly sweet as one would expect, and maintains a subtle appreciation of all the flavours within, without overpowering each other – the true stand-out star of this list.

The third tier is a savoury selection of chicken pita pockets, spinach & hummus wraps, and smoked salmon sliders – a phenomenal way to end a parade such as this. Sympathetic to the realities of this degustation medley, the final cocktail is a suitable digestif to the food coma that’s about to hit you. The Hortis, a minted coffee cocktail with elements of amaro and vermouth, is set to revitalize your flagging spirits, and bring you back to life with a smooth and pleasant awakening. Served in the famous port pipe, this cocktail pays homage to your afternoon spent in appreciation of fine food, fine coffee and fine company.

The Traveller High Tea is served by Jackalberry Bar at the Hyatt Regency, every Saturday from 2pm till 5pm. Book your place quickly to beat the summer crowds, as the Mr Black Coffee Cocktails is set to be a hit!

161 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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