Jack the Barber. Keeping the modern man groomed during lockdown.

Jack The Barber
? Jack The Barber

Grooming is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Lockdown has kept us apart from our partners, family, friends, and the need for social interaction.

During lockdown, it’s ok to let loose, but that doesn’t mean you should let your appearance became a caveman with a disheveled beard and tangled bed hair issues.

Have you met Jack? Jack The Barber, a quiet leader with devilish charm, a rogue who is confident in his own skin. A modern man with classic roots. Jack The Barber is also one of the fastest-growing brands in the men’s care category at Woolworths.

Jack The Barber, an Australian-owned company, originally launched in 2019 with Woolworths and has swiftly established itself as the ultimate companion for any man looking to perfect his personal grooming regime at home with a complete range of men’s hairstyling, beard care, body care, shaving products, and accessories.

Offering an innovative and versatile barber-quality range with an affordable price tag, focused on delivering premium-crafted grooming essentials for today’s typical man. The Jack The Barber collection reflects the latest trends in barbering and personal care to create a variety of looks, textures and shapes.

“Jack The Barber has carved out its own unique position in the men’s grooming category. We found there was a real gap in the market for accessible, authentic barber-crafted men’s grooming products at affordable prices.” said Sean Cassar, Founder of Jack The Barber.

Popular styling products within the collection include the Jack The Barber Paste, providing men with a firm hold and matte finish, ideal for men with short and medium hair looking for a textured finish; Clay styler for a brutal hold with matte finish and the vegan friendly Strong Pomade which offers buildable strong hold and a natural-looking shine finish to sculpt hair into place.

Other favourites that allow for men to prepare and craft their look is old-school barber shaving range including the Double Edge Safety Razor and Razor Blades which is a popular choice amongst traditional barbers, accompanied by a traditional barber’s Shaving Cream that improves razor glide and helps protect and nourish the skin, and the Classic Shaving Brush which helps form a rich soapy lather when applying shaving cream to facial hair and preparing for a shave. Finally, one of the hottest products in the range is the unique stainless-steel Flip Comb which is used to style and tame unruly hair and beards.

Other new products in-store and online are:

Traditional Barber Shaving Kit: Includes Classic Shaving Brush, Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor, Shaving Cream, and Chrome Shaving Stand to keep the bathroom counter organised.

Jack The Barber Beard Oil: Conditions beard and skin, reduces beard itch and produces a smooth soft finish.

Body Care
Jack The Barber Hair Face and Body Bar Triple-Pack Soap: Three different soap bars formulated for daily body cleansing and skin nourishment. (Sandalwood, Hemp Seed Oil and Charcoal)
Jack The Barber Grooming Kit: The 4-piece kit helps manage your daily grooming needs. This kit includes nail clippers, beard and nose hair scissors, tweezers and a travel pouch.
Jack The Barber Tattoo Balm: Designed for daily use to help maintain tattoo colour, definition and vibrancy. Packed with natural oils, this balm can be used on new and old tattoos to keep skin nourished and ink looking fresh.
Jack The Barber 3-in-1 Hemp Seed Oil Shower Gel: The ultimate All In-One daily cleanser to use on your body, face and hair to get you squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

Jack The Barber Wooden Beard Comb: Carefully crafted from natural pearwood and great for grooming beards and moustaches. The dual-sided design offers the choice of both fine and coarse teeth to detangle and tame unruly facial hair of any length.
Jack The Barber Wooden Hair and Beard Brush: Made from natural wood and vegan-friendly bristles. Designed to fit comfortably in the hand, it offers fatigue-free use on hair and beards.