Italian coffee machine pioneer La Marzocco Home launches new Linea Micra for the at-home barista.

La Marzocco | Linea Micra
? La Marzocco | Linea Micra

For almost 100 years, La Marzocco has been supplying premium coffee machines to the most prominent baristas and cafes across the world. For coffee lovers, the sleek La Marzocco logo is widely renowned as a sign of quality craftsmanship and a superior poured espresso.

Now, La Marzocco Home has added a new at-home coffee machine to its range, the Linea Micra. Smaller in scale, without compromising on quality, the Linea Micra is a scaled-down version of the current home machine on offer, the Linea Mini, and the Linea Classic, the iconic commercial machine loved and used by baristas for over thirty years.

Each machine is handmade in Florence and then meticulously bench-tested by the team in Australia before landing on your kitchen counter, ensuring the perfect cup of coffee, from the very first pour. Each machine uses many of the same parts and materials as the industry-respected commercial machines but has been thoughtfully redesigned for at-home use.

“The Linea Micra brings La Marzocco’s industry reputation to homes of all shapes and sizes due to its small footprint.” Says Technical Manager of La Marzocco Australia, Justin Emerson. “Consumers have really embraced at-home coffee in the past few years and the Linea Micra allows users to embrace their inner barista with its café-style performance and features, such as a dual boiler system – allowing temperature control over espresso brewing and steam production separately – and a cool touch steam wand, ensuring home baristas can practice their latte art safely.”

At-home coffee consumption remains extremely strong and is now above pre-pandemic levels. In its National Coffee Data Trends report this year, The US National Coffee Association found that 84% of coffee drinkers now have had coffee at home in the past day, compared to 80% in January 2020.

La Marzocco machines are not only found in the commercial settings of Australia’s leading cafes and restaurants but also found in the homes of Australia’s leading culinary figures, such as broadcaster for ABC Radio, columnist for The Australian and author of the newly released ‘The Joy of Better Cooking’, Alice Zaslavsky.

An owner of both the Linea Mini in her home and the new Linea Micra in her inner-city apartment, Alice shares that there has been no compromise when bringing the café experience home. “It’s been such a joy to have a cafe experience at home with our Linea Mini, and it’s certainly felt that something was missing from our poky little kitchen in town. Now, we can have the best of both worlds… like a hole in the wall cafe experience from our little hole in the wall city pad.”

The key features of the new Linea Micra include the following:

  • Convertible Portafilter: this allows the machine to reach its desired temperature faster saving energy and improving temperature consistency of the espresso.
  • Dual Boilers: separate steam and coffee boilers ensure that brewing temperature is always perfect.
  • Hot Water Spout: this ensures you can easily clean the portafilter and make alternative hot beverages in seconds.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wand: inspired by commercial machines, stainless steel double wall technology ensure the steam wand always stays cool to the touch making it safer to use at home.
  • Connected Capabilities: Schedule the machine’s on/off time and manage the machine’s brew and steam temperatures remotely via the La Marzocco Home app.

The Linea Micra (AUD $5,999) will be sold exclusively online and is available to view in the La Marzocco Home showroom in Melbourne, and soon-to-be Sydney.