I AM x Dining – ‘an evening of meat’


I AM arrives in Sydney with An Evening of Meat – an immersive dining experience & cult favourite created by American director Kate March. Performers explore the evolution of femininity and female power, inviting the audience to challenge their own perceptions as their senses are entwined on a visual and culinary journey.

Founded in 2013, creative collective I AM is a global pioneer for interactive dining experiences in non-traditional performance settings. Using dance, live art, fashion and music, I AM transports guests to a world of infinite imagination and redefines the exchange between audience and performer.

Bodies being consumed on a table; bodies dancing their hearts out; and bodies discovering and exhausting power. Themes of control, femininity and passion are linked through innovative cooking and performance unlike this city has ever seen. Shared Affair has devised a menu that will shock and excite the senses, whilst Since I Left You matches each course with specialty wines and signature cocktails.

I AM, an all-female creative collective that has rolled out original immersive dining concepts in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Maldives and beyond, proclaims a new narrative in the space of female progress, expression, and systemic change – in others words, revolution.

Expect expression. Expect experimentation. Expect the unexpected.

Tickets are limited so you better book in advance, dates to be announced soon.

Price of ticket includes 6-course degustation with cocktail and wine pairings, as well as live performance and music.

The Old Clare Hotel
1 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008
 I AM Dining @iam_concepts


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