Check into the new Hijinx Hotel. Leave the suitcases at home – these rooms are where you play, not stay.

Hijinx Hotel
Hijinx Hotel

Alexandria is now home to a brand new activity destination for Sydney siders to enjoy. Cue the Hijinx Hotel which transports guests away from the business of their everyday lives and instead, challenges them to step out of their comfort zones and have fun with their friends and family.

The design is fantastic; it has a modern yet retro feel with decorations screaming of classic movies, cult tv shows, board games, and throwbacks as soon as the front doors open which creates an immediate atmosphere that is both memorable, as well as absurd (think Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland combined).

The brilliant hotel theme creates an immersive experience that has clearly influenced the 15 assorted quick play, challenge rooms. Each one is just as quirky as the last and seamlessly transitions from one surprise to the next, keeping guests on their toes at all times.

There are so many little things that stand out—the design of the lobby, activity rooms, the music, the drinks, and even the food. But you can’t forget about the thread that ties all of these pieces together: which are the welcoming staff and lively energy.

What’s better than getting all these little things right? Condensing them all to a single location with food and drinks! And just when you thought you couldn’t get enough from the thrills provided by the inspired decor throughout the “hotel”, turn the corner to reveal a multi-storey, never seen “Mega Holey Moley”.

Really taking up as much space as possible within the 14-metre high ceilings, there are over 27 themed holes ranging from a Giant Avocado to a room hiding a scene depicting a famous Godzilla city destruction. Scattered throughout are many other things for people to recognise, like the kitchen from the Simpsons family house and King Kong scaling his tower (though this time a bit more festive with a disco ball hanging overhead).

The Hijinx Hotel is one of those places where everything just works together perfectly—it’s a complete package that leaves nothing lacking. Really, it can be described as nothing short of a wonderland that is vibrant and full of colour.

Definitely somewhere to don your finest tropical shirt and matching fanny pack to really drive home as much fun and excitement as you can handle (with a dash of competition thrown in for good measure). Did we mention that there are also three separate cocktail bars positioned strategically around to keep you stay hydrated during your activities?

A whole day of fun and games could easily be spent here for a first date or one hundredth, a family birthday, or just something to do with friends. The Hijinx hotel adds to the “catch up for drinks” routine and changes things up to a welcome experience that builds excitement that will keep us coming back again and again.

Hijinx Hotel
75 O’Riordan St, Alexandria, NSW 2011, Australia