High Tea on the High Seas

Sydney Classic Boat Charters
Sydney Classic Boat Charters

The Helm launched their agency with Australia’s top fashion influencers on a beautifully restored 1950’s Halvorsen boat. Bloggers alike and I enjoyed a bespoke high tea whilst discussing the rise of the Slow Fashion movement #stylewithsubstance.

It is always fun to catch up with two of Sydney’s fabulous fashion bloggers and personal friends, Kiri Yanchenko (@kiriyanchenko) and Helen Chik (@helenchikx) for an afternoon cruising Sydney’s middle harbour. Yep, lucky me, I was the only guy (besides Caleb our awesome photographer), but I didn’t feel out-of-place meeting other ladies on-board as we all have an interest in fashion and lifestyle.

“Who makes our clothes?”

That’s the question that was asked by Fashion Revolution, to understand that not all brands take responsibility to the people who spun and sew our clothes and what affects their well-being and the environment.

We are all victims sometimes to ignorance. I remember the time where “free range” products was something that only those with disposable income could afford to purchase. But what did that actually mean? Organic, fresh, tender, full of taste – all buzz words to me. It’s understanding the process and the ethical difference.

It is no different to our clothes that we wear. Who are the people making our clothes? Are they kept safe, do they earn a decent wage, are the materials sustainable and eco-friendly. There are brands out there who are making a positive difference via the fashion industry and take a conscience approach across the globe.

Fashion Revolution is about building a future where accidents like the Rana Plaza tragedy, where 1,133 people died because of broken communication.  The belief is knowing who made our clothes is the first step in transforming the fashion industry. Providing transparency, openness, honesty, communication and accountability.

Not only we all opened our eyes to the discussion, but one thing I did take away from the afternoon. Is to empower myself to think about investment pieces, how can I recycle my clothing and what is the right choice to purchase. Check out www.behindthebarcode.org.au and take a look at their Ethical Fashion Guide.

Have you connected with your favourite brand?

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Photographer: Caleb Westwood
Sponsors: Sydney Classic Boat ChartersMosman Catering & Santa Vittoria.
Web resources: BWA fashion reportGood on You Appethicalclothingaustralia.org.au,
Books: Lucy Siegle: To Die For, Overdress: Elizabeth L Cline, Lisa Heinze: Sustainability with Style


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