Inspired by Whole Foods

Health Space Whole Foods
Health Space Whole Foods

The Health Space Whole Foods is a new concept wholefoods store that has recently opened in Bayswater Rd, Potts Point. The focus of the store is to combine the Health Space Clinic to provide clients and neighbours delicious range of produce and groceries.

The in-store stocks a range of certified organic wholefoods, from simple recipe ideas to affordable healthy and sustainable choices. At the recent launch of the store, I was amazed by the enthusiasm and passion from the owners.

Not only well-known celebrities came to the party, I was rather distracted by the wholefood suppliers and their mini-stalls providing tastings of their products. It was such a great evening with a massive crowd of about 200 people from the community. Least to say it was packed, but they were here for one reason. To support Drs Nicholas and Kate woods.

“A holistic approach to wellness – physical, emotional & spiritual. At this clinic, all the practitioners here speaks volume and the value the commitment to the community” Therese Kerr speaks proudly.

I had a quick chat with Drs Nicholas and Kate Woods on what this clinic and the store concept meant to them. “What sets us above the rest is that we are a family. We believe in the people and everyone is passionate about natural health”.

Health Space pays it forward with their inspired team of health professionals; chiropractors; nutritionists and naturopaths. It’s about educating on intelligent nutrition and functional training. “Holistically, we are all adapting to change and getting adjusted to fill our bodies with energy” speaks Andi Lew from Real Fit Food.

These guys love wholesome food that nourish and sustain us. If I lived in the area, my weekly food shopping experience will change. We all want to revolutionize the way we think about food and what ingredients is best for our body.

“We have listened to the needs of our customers and our vision has always been to expand by adding the whole food store” quotes Dr Nick Woods. The whole food store only purchases organic and ethical products that our customers will appreciate.

Here are a couple of providers I was lucky enough to have met and stand by their nutrional products.

Eat like a chief –
Naked Paleo –
Prodjuice –
Star Anise Organic Wholefoods –
Insideout Nutritious Goods –

It was a fantastic night packed with delicious treats and meeting great people. I’ve been invited back to have an adjustment and dip into the float tank, which I am looking forward to experience. So look out for my next review.

If you live in the local area around Potts Point/Kings Cross, pop in and check out the great range of items on offer and feel free to have a chat with the staff.

Health Space Whole Food
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