Guide to Après Ski

Apes Ski PC: Jonny Moseley
Apes Ski PC: Jonny Moseley

Did you know that January is the month to learn to Ski or Snowboard in North Lake Tahoe?

North Lake Tahoe offers a variety of deals for skiers and riders during the month and resorts are offering steep discounts on lessons, lift tickets, rentals, lodging and more, making it easier than ever to try a new sport. It is a great way for children and adults who are first-time skiers to get started, and with the recent fresh snowfall in the Sierra Nevada, there’s no time like the present.

As many snow bunnies know, Après Ski often seems almost as important as the skiing itself. North Lake Tahoe has produced a helpful, and entertaining guide to après – what to wear, what to order, where to go – even how to take a chairlift selfie.

Après Ski “The social activity and entertainment following a day of skiing. May involve the consumption of bevoirs and bragging about the day’s ski exploits. Sometimes leads to an evening of awkward, high-altitude dance moves.”

Ritz Lake Tahoe
Ritz Lake Tahoe

What to wear?
Let’s face it, I’m not a pro nor can afford Patagonia (that’s Pataguicci to the locals”. I’m single and ready to mingle and according to the guide. I should wear a brand new ski jacket and straight-from-the-store-shelf jeans and to embrace my inner ski-bunny in training and throw some furry boots from Lululemon.

Where to go?
You can order a round of $1 PBRs with the locals or splurge and dine in style at the Ritz-Carlton. Depending on who you are, let’s see what the guide suggests. If you have read “Squallywood”, the book, head to Le Chamois, one of the most iconic ski bars to be seen by skiers and snowboard legends. Best not to say anything and enjoy the view.

What to drink?
I barely scrap enough money after paying for this holiday, hiring of gear and lessons. The Cornice Cantina‘s “Shifter”, a $1 PBR was made for me. Just don’t forget to tip your local bar. High five to our proud parents who spent the day teaching your son or daughter to do the snowplow. Continue the good vibes to Jakes on the Lakes in Tahoe City or Lone Eagle Grille.

What to say?
Avoid ‘bro speak’: Don’t try to overcompensate for your status as an out-of-towner by trying to speak the local lingo. Asking “Did you shred the gnar today bro?” is not going to trick anyone into believing you are a pro skier. Be normal and keep the positivity flowing by sharing our accomplishment. That could just be even a small turn on your snowboard, or that you fell five times less when you first started.

Selfie pro tips
Avoid the glove or ski pole drop, nothing says ‘tourist moron’ than being the guy who decided to take a selfie and then in slow-motion your gear is seen falling from the chairlift and heading down the slopes. Also think about goggle placement: In the sunny springtime, strip off those goggles and fearlessly show those reverse raccoon eyes — the rad NorthTahoe “goggle tan.” If you choose to keep your goggles on for the selfie, remember you risk the reflection of your iPhone in the goggle glass never a good look.

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort
Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort
Love the slopes but not sure what to do after?

Read through the North Lake Tahoe Apres Ski Guide to become #TahoeNorth’s next #ApresHero!