A Night of Speyside Sips: A Glen Moray Whisky Masterclass Recap

Glen Moray Whisky Masterclass
(c) Ross J | Glen Moray

I had the pleasure of attending a special Glen Moray Whisky Masterclass, hosted by the incredible Ian Allan, Glen Moray’s Global Brand Ambassador, and the rising star bartender Judith Zhu. Held at the sophisticated Grain Bar within the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, the evening was a journey through the delightful world of Glen Moray single malt whiskies.

Our tasting adventure began with the Glen Moray Single Malt Shiraz Cask Finish. This expression offered a delightful introduction, with notes of ripe plum and spice dancing on the palate. We then embarked on a comparative voyage through Glen Moray’s core range, savoring the subtle nuances of the 12 Year Old, the citrusy zest of the 10 Year Old “Elgin Edition,” and the rich complexity of the 18 Year Old.

The evening took a captivating turn with the Glen Moray Single Malt Rioja Cask Matured. This unique expression showcased the influence of the cask, offering hints of red fruit and a touch of spice. Finally, we delved into the smoky depths of the Glen Moray Single Malt Peated, Rioja Cask Finish, a dram that left a lingering impression of peat and dried fruit.

Judith Zhu, with her masterful touch, elevated the experience further by creating three bespoke cocktails featuring Glen Moray whiskies. The “Moray Highlands” was a refreshing blend of Glen Moray Classic, verjus, clarified mango, lemon myrtle syrup, and a lemon twist. The “Gum & Glen Sour” offered a delightful twist with Glen Moray Shiraz, lemon, strawberry gum, and a touch of theatricality thanks to the egg white. Finally, the “Glen Moray Native Old Fashioned” showcased the peated expression, marrying it with sherry, simple syrup, and a delightful combination of bitters and an orange twist with a finishing touch of cherry.

The Glen Moray whisky masterclass was an unforgettable experience. Ian Allan’s wealth of knowledge and passion for Glen Moray shone through, and Judith Zhu’s creativity with cocktails added another layer of delight. From the classic drams to the innovative cocktails, the evening offered a comprehensive and captivating exploration of the Glen Moray universe. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Glen Moray masterclass, I highly recommend it – it’s a night guaranteed for your taste buds and leaves you with a newfound appreciation for Speyside single malts.