Giorgio de Maria from Paski Vineria Popolare to take over wine menu at Sonora

Giorgio de Maria Wine x Sonora
? Giorgio de Maria Wine x Sonora

Influential wine connoisseur and prominent figure in Sydney’s food and drink scene, Giorgio De Maria, will take over the wine list at Milpa Collective’s Potts Point venue Sonora this October. During the month-long collaboration, guests will be treated to a tasteful selection of De Maria’s hand-picked wines directly sourced from his personal trips to Europe, alongside curated food specials from the high-end Mexican restaurant.

To kick off the celebrations on Thursday, 29 September, Sonora will host a launch party open to the public. Guests will be given the opportunity to be one of the first to experience the new beverage menu, along with additional wines, including Cantina Giardino Sophia 2020, Benotti Rosavica Langhe Nebbiolo Nebiulina 2021, and surprise Baller wines from Giorgio’s secret collection.

On the collaborative takeover concept, Milpa Collective Co-Founder Liber Osorio notes, “We want to uplift the Mexican dining experience, challenging what people think about ‘authenticity’ and ‘tradition’. We want to open the drinks spectrum and not limit it to tequila and margaritas only. The best dishes in Mexico are the result of a fusion of cultures, a mix of the indigenous background and the European influence.”

Milpa Collective Co-Founder Pablo Vargas further adds, “It is hard for most people to associate Italian wine with Mexican food, but they make a lot of sense. Wines in Italy are made to be drunk with food, and Giorgio’s wines have lots of complexity, great texture, and the perfect acidity to balance the rich flavour profile of Sonora’s style of cuisine.”

The wine menu will pay homage to the ethos of chemical-free agriculture and minimal intervention in winemaking. It will allow a focus on beverages that match the tastes and palette of the Sonora venue, inspired and named after the coastal state in Mexico’s northwest. Some key menu highlights include La Morella II Monte 2020 as a white wine option, Le Coste Litzorro Rosato 2020 as a Rosé option and Camigliano Nero del Gobbo 2020 as a red wine option. Bottles will range from $80 to $140.

The passion for a sustainable natural world and ethically sourced wines runs deep with Giorgio De Maria, having studied agriculture and forest environment in Turin. With this knowledge and his years of working in fine dining restaurants in Italy, Dublin and Tokyo, he has made a name for himself and won many awards. De Maria now owns and runs a small wine import company specialising in artisanal wines and runs the newly opened wine bar Paski Vineria Popolare in Darlinghurst.

The collaboration will also see Milpa Collective lend its expertise in the world of mezcal and spirits to make its mark at De Maria’s venue Paski. Santa Caterina’s Head Bartender, Luna Ercoli, has worked closely with Giorgio to create a unique cocktail for the Darlinghurst wine bar. The Messicano is a Culatta-infused (cured ham from Parma) mezcal with Luli aperitivo, soda and Paski’s own fermented green sauce.

Milpa Collective Co-Founder Liber Osorio describes The Messicano as “a mix of the most iconic flavours of Mexico and Italy”, with the cocktail ($20) only available at Paski from Monday, 19 September, until out of stock.

Speaking on how this collaboration came about, Milpa Collective Co-Founder Pablo Vargas says, “We have a good relationship with Giorgio, sharing a few wines and mezcals. We’ve been visiting Paski a lot lately and having a great time there. We think Italian wines make a great pairing with Mexican food, they also share many things with natural wines and also, we love Giorgio!”

Giorgio De Maria wine takeover at Sonora will launch Thursday, 29 September and continue until the end of October. This friendship and bond between both parties are translated into the fusion of Italian wines and Mexican cuisine. It will truly be a unique and unforgettable experience for the senses. Bookings are essential from

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