GIFU: Timeless Japan, naturally an adventure


Located in central Japan, Gifu is home to the great outdoors, timeless tradition, local culture and exquisite foods that have been preserved and passed down through families for centuries. These treasures remain alive in the everyday life of Gifu locals.

Until we are able to visit Gifu and experience the beauty it has to offer, the prefecture has curated a series of videos to transport you to Japan’s heart.

Shirakawago, Takayama City
Hidden in Gifu’s mountains is this quaint settlement in Shirakawa Village that is famous for its ”gassho-zukuri” houses, designed with roofs shaped like hands in prayer. This UNESCO Heritage Site, Shirakawago, is still inhabited today by local farmers who tend to the surrounding rice terraces. Head to Shiroyama Viewpoint for panoramic views and take a tour of the oldest and largest remaining gassho-zukuri house in the village, the Wada Residence (Wada-ke). You can even stay in one of these unique homes, with a selection that have been transformed into inns.

Old Nakasendo Road
The South-East corner of Gifu is steeped in history and is home to a large portion of the road that connected Tokyo with Kyoto in the Edo Period. You can wander the old streets of towns lined with traditional Japanese houses and take in the scenery as the road winds through forests and gorges. Tours are available to explore the road by foot and by cycle whilst learning about the area’s medieval history.

Hida Osaka Falls
Located at the foot of a live volcano, Mt. Ontake, is Osaka-cho, a ‘Forest of Water’ that forms part of Gero City. This oasis is known as the town with the most waterfalls in Japan. Home to 216 waterfalls stretching over 5 metres tall, as well as 14 hiking trails, visitors can book a selection of tours and guided walks available to experience it first-hand.