Gadget guide for Father’s Day

Gadget guide for Dad

Have I got some great gadgets for Fathers’ Day.

If your dad is the outdoorsy type and loves his gadgets, fancies himself as the next James Bond with all his spy gadgets or is attached to his smartphone, our friends from Parrot Technologies have pulled together the best gadget gifts for dads for you to choose from here.

You might even find a little something for yourself along the way.

Parrot Minikit Neo 2HD 

Give Dad the freedom with an advance hands-free car system perfect for all car types. Whilst driving, the voice-controlled portable device allows Dad to make and receive calls without touching a button. Available in four vibrant colours (green, red, black & blue), the Minikit is even smart enough to connect to two phones simultaneously, so Dad won’t ever get confused between personal and professional calls!
RRP: $129.99

MiniDrone EVO Range

Plunge into the era of connected gadgets (not toys!) with the second generation of Parrot Minidrones. If you dad enjoys getting up to mischief, these are the coolest techs for Dad. We got you covered, land – air – sea (well water).

Parrot Hydrofoil: A hybrid robot uniting both water and air, glides smoothly over the water and can reach up to 10km/h.
RRP: $239.99
Stockist: | Apple Store, JB HiFI, Harvey Norman and leading retailers.

Parrot Airborne: Take the risk and fly through the sky with these new Parrot Airborne range. Fly through the night or day and perform acrobatic tricks.
Airborne Night RRP: $199.99
Airborne Cargo RRP: $149.99

Parrot Jumping: Race through the night up to 13km/h and jump over obstacles and reach up to 80cm. The Jumping Nght can see in the twilight once their powerful LEDS are activated and the Jumping Race with its power motor and racing wheels.
Jumping Night RRP: $279.99
Jumping Race RRP: $289.99
Stockist: | Apple, JB HiFi, Harvey Norman and leading retailers


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