Review: Frame of Mind – Quintett

Frame of Mind - Photo (c) Peter Greig

Sydney Dance Company’s ‘Frame of Mind’ is a showcase of deeply personal pieces from two acclaimed choreographic talents. Featuring the world-premiere of Rafael Bonachela’s ‘Frame of Mind’ and the Australian premiere of living legend William Forsythe’s ‘Quintett.

The work itself has an uncanny way to let the dancers express themselves, or even find themselves through the music. I like what they have done with Quintett and to take the risk in the movements and the trust they have in the couples routine.

William Forsythe’s is one of the most innovative ballet choreographers to those who are known in the circles. I’m a novice when it comes to the contemporary art world, but looking at previous performances, Forsythe was able to stretch and challenge traditional ballet with use of imagination and engaging music.

A captivating new program of contemporary dance. Facing tragedy in the rise and fall, shift across the stage on bearable human relationship. The movements were primitive, playful – acting on impulse.

Three men and two women entrancing minimalism brought a highly physical dance that was visually exhilarating. At the opening night, Chloe Leong, David Mack, Cass Mortimer Eipper, Jesse Scales and Sam Young-Wright, took to the stage.

Chloe Leong I felt was the star in the first half, it was hard to take your eyes of her, dressed in yellow and technically strong.

In the second half, Bonachela’s own work, Frame of Mind delivered an emotionally engaging choreography. Three tracks from Bryce Dessner and Kronos Quartet’s collaborative album, Aheym – part classical part contemporary.

In several parts of the performance, the stage is filled with dancers jumping, tumbling, and extensions of their beautiful physique – the pace didn’t’ stop.

Cass Mortimer Eipper closed the performance with an emotional solo. Such balance and control that kept the audience at the edge of their seats.

Frame of Mind delivered a passionate and demanding performance fuelled with emotion. I’ll leave it to you to decided, but contemporary performances are meant to be different and unqiue.

Frame of Mind
Sydney Theatre
6 March – 21 March 2015
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Canberra Theatre Centre
30 April – 2 May 2015
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Southbank Theatre, The Summer, Melbourne
6 May – 16 May 2015
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