Pave the way to a new wave of natural wines with leading Australian winemaker Fourth Wave.

Fourth Wave Wine
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Natural wine has been one of the most disruptive and popular wine trends of the last decade. A trend that is leading Australian wine company, Fourth Wave Wine, continues to drive, with brands such as Wild Folk, Cowpunk and Little Giant Free.

The booming segment is without strict parameters, definitions, or boundaries. Although it has been the root of many debates within the wine world in recent years, the overarching philosophy is non-intervention.

One of the appeals of natural wine is precisely what is disrupting and transforming the wine industry – the simple and holistic nature of the winemaking process.

Naturally, consumers now demand authenticity around the winemaking process and lean towards products and processes that work with nature, not against it. Once a small-but-growing segment, Natural or ‘Natty’ wines show no signs of slowing down here or overseas.

Nicholas Crampton, co-owner of Fourth Wave Wine, says the trendy and previously niche natural wine movement isn’t anything new.

“Natural wine is exactly what winemakers have been crafting for thousands of years – fermented wine in its purest form with minimal intervention during the winemaking process. Available in every varietal imaginable, from sparkling to red and rosé to white, natural wines have gained significant interest from a new generation of consumers over the past 10 years.”

“We love natural wines and believe their honesty and expressiveness are a perfect opportunity to create a new generation of wine lovers. We are committed to working with our winemakers across the country to develop a range of natural wines linked to region and personality.”

As the segment continues to grow, Fourth Wave Wine’s contemporary expressions of natural wines continue to expand. The three latest contemporary expressions include;


Natural | Organic | Biodynamic | Certified Sustainable
Hand-crafted and made with minimal additions and preservatives, Little Giant grapes are picked at optimal ripeness and are minimally handled in the winery. The wines are crafted from premium regional South Australian fruit from established vineyards that deliver character and interest well above their size and weight.

Launching this month is the 2021 Little Giant Free Grenache, the latest natural and organic wine from Little Giant Free. The palate is reminiscent of Pinot Noir with a good core of concentrated red fruit, some subtle spice and cleansing acidity on the finish. Light garnet in colour – a pale and translucent red- features aromatics of raspberry jam with just a hint of savoury complexity and gentle earthiness.

Fourth Wave Wines | Little Giant Free
? Fourth Wave Wines | Little Giant Free


Wild yeast fermented | Vegan-Friendly I Preservative Free | Unfiltered
Wild Folk – are exciting wines full of energy and pure expressions of both the variety and vineyard. A less is more regime in the vineyard, and minimal intervention in the winery results in a fresh and uncompromising wine just as mother nature intended. Wild yeast fermented, preservative-free, unfined and unfiltered – nothing but fermented grapes at their finest. No fining, filtration or sulphur means this is a natural expression of Shiraz from the Barossa region.

The Wild Folk Barossa Valley Shiraz 2021 is an honest expression of Shiraz from the Barossa, exhibiting both freshness and flavour. It combines dark berries, spice and a soft framework of tannins to make for an explosive mouthful of deliciousness. Drink over the next two years with your favourite charcuterie or something char-grilled on the barbecue.

Fourth Wave Wines | Wild Folk
? Fourth Wave Wines | Wild Folk


100% Natural | Organic | Vegan | Preservative Free
Cowpunk is small-batch wine made from single sites. 100% unashamedly natural, Cowpunk is leading the charge for the modern drinker seeking wines made in a hands-off manner but still boasting complexity and flavour.

The Cowpunk range is organic, vegan, preservative-free and without additions – a dynamic offering. This traditional Pet Nat is simply Chardonnay juice bottled to ferment, producing a naturally sparkling style full of refreshment.

A vibrant and fruit-driven style full of energy and refreshment. There is an excellent juxtaposition between fresh and bruised apples, hints of yeasty complexity and a dry finish full of vivacity. A perfect picnic wine, serve well chilled and enjoy with good company.

Fourth Wave Wines | Cowpunk
? Fourth Wave Wines | Cowpunk