Four jolly cocktail reasons to try out the Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur and The Company You Keep Gin.

Mobius Distilling Co
? Mobius Distilling Co

The halls are decked, the season is jolly, it’s time for tidings of joy. The Australian festive season is upon us and wondering what to drink this Summer season? Sydney’s Mobius Distilling Co. delivers all the festive feels.

Founded by Philip Crossley and Alex Hardie, this inner-west outfit is one of Sydney’s most exciting and innovative new distilleries. Having previously crafted the ‘2204 Marrickville Dry Gin’ and ‘38 Special’ vodka’, the dynamic duo have now launched a seriously good gin called The Company You Keep (TCYK) while the Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur is the boys’ foray into something a little more avant-garde.

A feast for the senses with a cult-like following, Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur is made from apples sourced from the family-owned Bellevue Orchard in Victoria. Each 700ml bottle contains pressed cold juice from twelve apples, all preservative and concentrate-free. Vanilla is sourced from Tonga and adds a subtle creamy flavour, while the spiciness of cinnamon provides balance, resulting in a smooth, lingering finish – in essence, a warm pastry flavour reminiscent of ‘Grandma’s home-made apple pie’ – in a glass.

The liqueur is hand-poured in the Marrickville distillery and bottled inside a classic art deco design. And, its name originates from the fantastical world of ‘Dr Moreau’, the mad scientist character in the H G Wells novel renowned for his unorthodox techniques, reflecting the experimental nature of the spirit.

Globally recognised as one of the best liqueurs, receiving a gold medal at the London Spirits Competition, the – ‘apple pie in a glass’ – is an award winning stocking-filler and a top-notch tipple that’s guaranteed to impress.

Mobius Co-Founder, Philip Crossley says the versatile drop is guaranteed to bring the festive cheer, “The Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur is so versatile and works well as a base for a cocktail, paired with a variety of other spirits and mixers. Our goal was to create a delicious drink that people can have some fun with. It’s perfect for festive entertaining and can be served neat, over ice, ice-cream or gently warmed for colder climbs.”

Mobius’ latest edition to the fold, The Company You Keep Gin (500ml), is a Sydney Dry Gin, which is heavy on the juniper (like a gin should be) with a hint of citrus, vegan and produced in batches of 200. It’s perfect for a get-together, it’s a celebration of the moment – a reminder not to take life too seriously and enjoy every experience you share with the people who matter.

Cocktail Recipes

Pie ‘n’ Dry
30ml Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur
Dry Ginger Ale
Pour Moreau into a tall glass full of ice.
Top up with dry ginger ale and add a slice of lime.

Spritzy Pie
30ml Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur
90ml Prosecco
Pour Moreau into a flute glass, top up with bubbles.
Garnish with style.

TCYK Martini
60ml TCYK Sydney Dry Gin
20ml dry vermouth
Pour into a chilled wine or martini glass, stir vermouth over ice & garnish with a pickle.

TCYK Sparkling
50ml TCYK Sydney Dry Gin
100ml sparkling water
Pour into a tall glass full of ice. A squeeze of lime and garnish with a lime wedge.