Eurail’s European Winter Promo sale kicks off with 10% off all Eurail Passes without travel restrictions!

Eurail Global Pass
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Eurail has today announced its European Winter Promo sale, offering 10% off all Eurail Passes, across all traveller categories and without travel restrictions, which means Australian travellers can buy now and enjoy cheaper travel in 2023.

The sale runs from 22 December 2022 until 5 January 2023 and applies to all 1st and 2nd class Passes, ranging from 3 days and extending to itineraries of up to 3 months.

With the widest travel network in Europe, Eurail’s Global Pass connects travellers to over 30,000 destinations in 33 countries, in a more sustainable manner, as well as offering them access to extra benefits and discounts during their journey.

For travellers seeking flexible, immersive and cost-effective travel throughout Europe, which is also gentler on the planet, the Eurail Global Pass is the ideal solution. Travellers can use their Pass consecutively every day within the purchased period or select a number of rail travel days for use within a one- or two-month period, with longer durations recommended to make the most of the multiple cross border rail journey benefits and to maximise the full Eurail experience.

In 2020, Eurail also launched the first-ever mobile version of its Pass; a paperless, all-in-one digital Pass that gives travellers even more freedom and flexibility to discover new landscapes, cities and cultures by train. So now, Australian travellers can access everything in one app, remain paper free and keep things super simple while discovering and connecting throughout the continent.

Yi Ding, Business and Growth Manager at Eurail said: “We’re thrilled to announce our latest promotion and hope it encourages Australians to book ahead and enjoy some welcome savings on their 2023 travel plans.”

“Making it easy to traverse over 33 countries, the Eurail Global Pass empowers travellers to explore the continent with ease, and to go one stop further from what they already know. We want to spark travellers’ curiosity and encourage people to experience off-the-beaten track and lesser-known destinations, which benefit people as well as the planet.”

To book visit or via a preferred travel agent.