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At a recent Ecovacs Robotics event, the world’s leading home robotics innovators, has released some interesting finds, revealing a fascinating insight into the average Australian’s attitude towards robotics, home cleanliness and the impact of ever-busy lifestyles on their time. The findings come as Ecovacs launches their new range of smart home robotic solutions, comprising a range of robotic vacuum and window cleaners with technological innovations not yet seen in Australia.

The research findings, conducted in association with Pure Profile, reveal that 60% of those responders who are dating identified a dirty home as a ‘deal breaker’ in a potential partner. The survey also reinforced what many have thought for generations, revealing that Australians hate cleaning their homes, but are still stressed if they come home to a dirty home (79%) or live with someone who doesn’t do their fair share. 25% of those aged 30-39 have significant fights about house cleaning with their ‘significant other’ at least 5 times a year.

The dislike for cleaning clearly doesn’t sit purely on the chores themselves, but the time it takes that could be spent elsewhere. 52% of responders would ideally like to spend more time with their families, and 51% of those aged 30-39 wishing they had the time to study more or learn something new. In all, 30% of those surveyed go to bed on a daily basis wishing they had more time in the day, a figure that shoots up to 39% for those aged 30-49.

This strong desire to achieve a work-life balance also means that the majority (64%) of Australians surveyed would be happy to openly embrace robotics that assist with house chores, a figure that increases significantly in 30-39 year olds (74%).

We sat down with an Ecovacs Robotics spokesperson on these findings and about the products on offer.

The strong desire for work-life-balance to any person is big. What makes the 30-39 years old wanting to embrace the robotics in this cleaning device?

This is open to interpretation of course, but it could be assumed that people in this age group are often focused on continuing to build their career and often having a young and growing family. This is also an age group that has embraced technology since they were very young, so new tech solutions that would save them time would be appealing. The research we conducted also showed us that this age group still also want to pick up a new hobby, study or learn something new if they had the time to do it. The fact that a robotic cleaning device can give this time back, allows them to be open to embracing robotics if it means they can spend more time doing what they love.

When living in an apartment, not all of us are blessed with a large space. How does the DeeBot AI take this onboard.

The DEEBOT OZMO 930 isn’t a space-specific option, it works as well for an apartment as a bigger house. It has an incredible virtual mapping technology that enables it to scan and map the home, and plan an efficient cleaning path. It has in-built sensors for it to navigate its way around furniture, and with Obstacle Detection Technology it is able to avoid bumping into objects continuously. When the DEEBOT maps the home, it remembers where the furniture, walls and doors are, meaning the next time it cleans it will avoid bumping into these spaces.

On the flip-side, have you seen a rise or interest in the Deebot for the elderly and disabled? A feel for those that cleaning might be a difficult chore.

Indeed we also see that the DEEBOT OZMO 930 can be appealing to anyone who wants to take away the hassle of getting out the vacuum, bending over to get into small spaces, and having to do this on a weekly or even daily basis. With the DEEBOT in the house, all you have to do is switch it on, and it gets to work. The ECOVACS app is easy to use, and you can monitor or schedule cleans from wherever you are in the world.

How does the suction, the brush factor compare to other vacuum cleaners?

The DEEBOT OZMO 930 has a powerful suction and sweeping system. When the OZMO 930 identifies carpet, it will automatically boost its suction for a deeper clean as opposed to being on wooden floors. This is also the same for its mopping system, where you are in control of the amount of water dispersed from the tank, depending on the degree of mopping you require. ECOVACS has also made the suction inlet interchangeable which means you can change the suction method depending on your cleaning needs. The suction inlet is also tangle-free when collecting hair and debris, whilst the main brush allows greater lift and deeper cleaning. 

The Winbot X – tell me more about this and is this fixed to the one size?

Currently the WINBOT X comes in one size, and as it is battery powered you are even able to place the WINBOT X on the outside of windows, meaning those hard to reach spots in apartments are easily cleaned. Able to move freely along windows as it cleans without needing to be redeployed, the robotic cleaner navigates across glass using a safe tether system. The WINBOT X will stay safe if it detaches, with a warning signal sounded to start retracting if a problem occurs

What should the consumer first look when purchasing the right Deebot for their place. Careful, this could be the deal breaker that they have been waiting for!

While there are several DEEBOT’s in the Ecovacs range, the DEEBOT OZMO 930 is our best seller. It includes virtual mapping features, and it is able to both vacuum and mop. The OZMO 610 can also mop and vacuum, and if the mapping features are not of high importance to you, then the OZMO 610 will still get the cleaning done.  If you are tossing between a stick vacuum, and a robotic vacuum, then the DEEBOT R98 is the one for you. This robotic cleaner is a 2-in-1 system, with a DEEBOT and a handy hand-held vacuum attached to the base. Even better, this robotic vacuum self-empties its dustbin into the handheld unit, meaning it can spend more time cleaning.

Ecovacs Robotics

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