Have you met Maggie the

Ecovac DEEBOT OZMO 900?

Ecovac DEEBOT OZMO 900
Ecovac DEEBOT OZMO 900

Ecovac DEEBOZ OZMO 900 – Live free through innovation. Well… I’ve either entered the world of domestic robotic help or pure laziness (others may call this, smart living). But how does it sound if an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner was able to take care of your carpets, hardwood floors/tiles and has a moping cleaning system?

Meet “Maggie”. The Ecovac DEEBOT OZMO 900 is someone you could fall in love with. This little device has a few quirks and sometimes requires some supervision.

I’ll provide you with the pros and cons of the machine, but here’s a little fun video. I tested it out with some ‘common’ items that you may want cleaning. Think party snacks when having freinds or family over. The popcorn, M&m’s, nacho chips and any sort of beverage (well, I had wine).

Let’s talk about Maggie

Smart Navi 3.0 Technology – basically the DEEBOT OZMO 900 scan your home or apartment and creates a visual map in the Ecovacs Home App. Ok, the app itself had a couple technical glitches and couldn’t sync to the system. Could be a user error but the machine still worked and mapped the area. (*we eventually got it working on a friends phone instead)

Cleaning Path –  this is where it got interesting – Maggie had a mind of her own (let’s just say, she was strong-willed). The DEEBOT OZMO 900 automatically plans an efficient cleaning path that best suits your home/apartment environment. However, the cleaning pattern was the best when we wanted to film. haha – you’ll see why with the bloopers. Sure, Maggie was not intended to be picked up all the time to clean a certain spot. I believe that is what the app is for. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the app to work on my iPhone so I couldn’t provide you with insights on this.

The obstacle detection part of it, are the sensors in the front of the machine which are suppose to keep it’s distance. But what I have seen, is that the machine will keep hitting the obstacle and continues to move forward while rotating to a cleaner path. Before I forget, the cleaning area is in rectangular motion.

Sweep, Vacuum and Mop the nasties away – this is where Maggie was put to the test. The vacuum suction attachment can be changed depending on your needs. Who dislikes when your vacuum cleaner is tangled with hair fibres and had to get the scissors out to clear the blockage? I putting my hands up people.  The main brush provides  thorough clean on carpets and their is an auto-boost suction power that increases its power up to two times. It has about 1.8 hours of cleaning time on it, before it automatically returns to its charging station. Now that is pretty cool – running out of power, head home to recharge. The mopping side of things hold about 240ml of water (cold) and does a decent clean on the spillage. It’s quite easy to switch over with the mop attachment, select the mop in the app and our done.

It is a sexy and clean design and good size. Mapping the area and cleaning is good as expected. What you have to understand, the Ecovac DEEBOT OZMO 900 is meant for everyday maintenance. It is not meant for a deep clean like most rolling vacuum cleaners on the market. OK the app didn’t really work for me and sometimes gets confused with some obstacles. The collection tray is quite small (compared to other traditional vacuums), it has about 350ml to collect of the dust and dirt.

But did it do the trick in picking up crumbs, popcorn, hair and more. Yes it did! On the first go? No, but it will return and finish the job. 

It is simple setup and easy to use. It won’t replace the traditional vacuum deep clean, but more of a sidekick. It compliment your cleaning roster an goes right under the bed and couches (height pending). Speaking of roster, you can schedule daily cleans to suit your routine on the app and you are able to set ‘no-go zones’.

I was given this product to test its boundaries and provide an honest review. Yes, I would recommend it, but make sure you read the ‘how to guide’. Like any other purchase, do you research and look for items that suits your purpose.

Do more of what you love and don’t be scared of innovation.

Product is available for a limited time in selected Costco shows – visit Moorabbin in Victoria between 12 – 23 December 2018. This would be a great festive purchase for yourself or someone that you know. It is an investment purchase from RRP $999, BUT for Costco Members you do get a discount. Visit in-store for more information and let me know what you think. For tech spec stuff, visit www.ecovacs.com