Get excited, get involved. BoozeBud is bringing Doozy to all our mates.

Doozy Seltzer x Boozebud
? Doozy Seltzer x Boozebud

BoozeBud, Australia’s largest online pure-play alcohol retailer, continues to team up with the most dynamic and innovative brands in the alcohol space. This month, one of Australia’s newest seltzers, Doozy, is sold on BoozeBud in an exclusive online retailing agreement.f

Doozy was founded by Sydney Swans young guns Ollie Florent and Will Hayward, along with Harry Hayward and Digby Richards from branding specialist agency, Richards Rose. They aimed to leverage the increase in consumers’ desire for lighter style beverages with low calories and low carbs. Looking at the average seltzer, the boys thought, how do we make this better? Then Doozy was born.

The Doozy team wanted to find a distinctive position for the brand that wasn’t over complicated. They had a simple purpose – to help people reconnect again and just be themselves. “Life’s a Doozy” Having the ability to laugh at oneself is an excellent quality, knowing that mistakes are just funny stories waiting to be told. That’s the Doozy spirit.

How does your one-stop-shop BoozeBud get any better? Well, get ready to meet Doozy, your new drink of choice. Stocked exclusively online on BoozeBud, this fresh alcoholic sparkling water is available in two refreshing flavours: lime and mango. The recipes were developed by renowned former CUB brewer Mick Jontef and produced with the award-winning Tribe Breweries out of Goulbourn. Not only being delicious, Doozy clocks in with only 78 calories, 0.5 carbs and 4.2% ABV per can, making it the perfect drop for a day out with mates.

“Using a term like ‘Doozy’ just brings a smile; it’s an easy-going attitude. We have deliberately kept the brand mainstream with colours, identity and flavours instead of trying to be too cool or too trendy. Our long term plan is to see Doozy in other drink categories where there is a craving for lighter style and more attitude,” said Doozy co-founder Will Hayward.

“We are super excited to go beyond our focused and loyal bar and retail strategy in Sydney and expand our distribution nationally through the amazing BoozeBud network. This partnership will help us fulfil the great demand and enquiry from across Australia that we have received since launching just before Christmas. And the best part? BoozeBud promises same-day and next day delivery in Sydney & Melbourne, so a Doozy is never too far away.” says Doozy co-founder Ollie Florent.

Doozy is exclusively available at BoozeBud in Lime and Mango, AUD $21.99 per 4 pack and AUD $104.99 per case.