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Dr Woo flew in from Los Angeles and was in town for a short period of time hosting a one-day residency in Sydney on Saturday 18 November. With a full day of free tattoo appointments up for grabs at a pop-up parlour, four Aussies won the opportunity to be inked by the legend himself.

Ok, so I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to be inked, so I’m still on the quest to find an artist. But asides from that we managed five minutes to ask Dr Woo some questions about L.A.

What is your favourite neighbourhood in L.A. to hang out in?
I really like driving around Hancock Park and looking at all the cool homes there. It is a historic and affluent residential neighbourhood in the central region. Developed in the 1920s and built around the grounds of a private golf club.

Do you have one tip for Australians visiting L.A.?
If they’re into sushi they should definitely check out some of the sushi restaurants. We have amazing sushi in L.A. Particularly, Sun Sushi and Sushi Zo in Downtown L.A. 

What is your favourite museum in L.A.?
The Broad and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Geffen Contemporary in Downtown L.A. is also cool – it has the Adrian Villar Rojas exhibition on at the moment.

How do you find the city of L.A. inspires your artwork and designs?
I think it’s just the people that do it. I draw inspiration from the city, the way the people work and the way they design. It somehow rubs off on me and when you interact with Angelenos, it just resonates and somehow the output has a flavour of that kind of interaction. It’s kind of like a collaboration on a mass scale.

Favourite food/culinary scene?
As mentioned, the sushi in L.A. is really good. We are very, very fortunate to have such good sushi in L.A. Sometimes I take it for granted. There are endless spots here – if you want to go super high-end, if you’re working with a budget, if you want to make reservations or want to walk in, there are so many good options for sushi and Japanese cuisine in general.  Alhambra, Monterey Park – you have that whole area for real, authentic Chinese and Taiwanese food. The Thai food here is amazing, the Mexican food here- I don’t even know of another place that has Mexican food as good as L.A. The question isn’t where to go, but which place to choose. I don’t know which to pick because they are all so good.

Other top items to check out when you’re in L.A, I would recommend are:

  • Get active on Venice Beach, get your fair share of eccentric spirits and people watching, skateboarding on the boardwalk and lunch at the local Figtree’s Cafe.
  • See the sights of Hollywood and stroll the Walk of Fame, look out for the famous hand and footprints a the Chinese Theatre.
  • And you’re never too old for Disneyland or Universal Studios – the legendary theme park is packed with adventure with the whole family.

Discover Los Angeles and share your experience with me.

Discover Los Angeles
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