Five rum-based cocktail recipes to get into the holiday spirit. Diplomático’s classic cocktails with a twist.

Diplomático Christmas Rum Cocktails
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The story of this rum is as much about family as it is about the spirit themselves. And it’s not just about the families that produce it, but also the sense of family forged when the cocktails this rum can create a shared amongst your family and friends.

We chat with Sai Hamsala, Diplomatico Ambassador and award-winning bartender. In how to impress your guests at Christmas dinner with these five tasty, rum-based bevvies.

What makes Diplomatico Rum different to other rums?
Diplomatico’s rum products have a very unique and tasty flavour profile, unlike any other rums I have ever tasted. It’s a pleasant experience to enjoy rum neat or in a cocktail, depending on your preference. Rum lovers absolutely love Diplomatico, and for non-rum drinkers, Diplomatico’s rums provide a great way to get into experiencing what the liquor is capable of.

What’s your favourite Diplmatico rum, and how do you enjoy drinking it for the festive season?
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is my favourite rum, and I love a rum old-fashioned made using it.

What dish is best served with one of these Diplomatico Rum cocktails?
Slow cooked beef cheek in red wine sauce.

With flavours of gingerbread or fresh pomegranate juice, Diplomático’s classic cocktails with a twist are sure to get the whole family into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Eggnog

• 45ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
• 30ml Whole milk
• 30ml Fresh Cream
• 1 Egg yolk
• 10ml Vanilla syrup

Garnish : Nutmeg / Star anise
Glass: Rocks

• Pour rum, milk, cream, egg yolk and vanilla syrup into a shaker and shake until combined
• Pour drink into glass and garnish with nutmeg/star anise

Diplomático | Eggnog
? Diplomático | Eggnog

Gingerbread Old Fashioned

• 50ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
• 5ml Gingerbread syrup
• 2 dashes Aromatic bitters

Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Orange peel / Gingerbread

• Pour rum, gingerbread syrup and aromatic bitters into glass
• Garnish with orange peel or gingerbread

Diplomático | Gingerbread Old Fashioned
? Diplomático | Gingerbread Old Fashioned


• 45ml Diplomatico Mantuano
• 30ml Fresh Pomegranate juice
• 15ml Dry Curacao
• 10ml Fresh lime juice
• 1 dash aromatic bitters

Garnish : Rosemary
Glass : Coupe

• Pour rum, pomegranate juice, dry curacao, lime juice and aromatic bitters into glass
• Garnish with rosemary

Diplomático | Holidays
? Diplomático | Holidays

Kick Start

• 30ml Diplomatico Mantuano
• 30ml Coffee Liquor
• 30ml Cold brew coffee
• Orange cream float

Glass: Nick & Nora
Garnish: Chocolate powder

• Pour rum, coffee liquor and cold brew coffee into glass
• Add orange cream float and garnish with chocolate powder

Diplomático | Kick Start
? Diplomático | Kick Start

Sunday Brunch

• 30ml Diplomatico Mantuano
• 10ml Honey syrup
• 5ml All spice dram
• 45ml Fresh pineapple juice
• 10ml Fresh lime juice
• 40ml Dry Prosecco

Glass: Coupe or Champagne flute
Garnish : Mint or pineapple leaf

• Pour rum, honey, all spice dram, pineapple juice, lime juice and prosecco into shaker and shake until combined
• Pour into glass and garnish with mint or pineapple leaf

Diplomático | Sunday Brunch
? Diplomático | Sunday Brunch